Who gets Summer Olympics 2016? 
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2008

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Andrew Bevan

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Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 6:54 am    Post subject: Summer Olympics 2016

Oprah Winfrey is there, Michelle Obama is there. This morning Barack Obama is due to land in Copenhagen and spend the morning to try and convince members of the Olympic Committee that Chicago should be granted the opportunity to arrange the Summer Olympic games 2016. The decision will be announced later this evening. Chicago competes for this event together with other candidates like Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Madrid.

Do the Olympic Games follow the Annular Eclipses of the Sun?

In case of the Winter Olympics game arranged in Lillehammer 1994, these games were awarded Lillehammer on September 15. 1988. This decision was made only a few days after the annular eclipse of The preceding annular eclipse of September 11. The characteristic feature of an annular eclipse is that the Moon is at apogee and too remotely located in regard to the Earth to entirely cover the apparent disc of the Sun, thus a small solar ring remains visible during the eclipse. The eclipse was not visible from Lillehammer but at its height during sunrise in Lillehammer at 06.49 CST.

Who gets the Summer Olympics 2016? We will soon know. Chicago's chances must be greatly heightened with the presence such US celebrities. However, checking with the preceding annular eclipse of January 26. 2009 I would like to point out that the eclipse occurs in the 1st house of Rio de Janeiro and the descendant line goes straight through Tokyo. The Moon is in Pisces today but her application to exalted Mercury in Virgo will not be completed before late this evening.

US is Gemini, Brazil is Virgo, Tokyo is Scorpio, Spain is Sagittarius... and the decision is?

Annular Eclipse Preceding Lillehammer being Awarded the 1994 Winter Olympics



Annular Eclipse Preceding the Awarding of the 2016 Summer Olympics - cast for Rio

Note: The number of degrees from the local ascendant to the lunation, which is 8 degrees in total, may be converted into 8 months in time. Calculated from the end of January 2009 - this leads close up to the beginning of October, which is when the matter was decided.
Andrew Bevan

Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Fri Oct 02, 2009 7:48 am    Post subject:  

Chicago's presentation is to have started in Copenhagen this morning October 2. at 08.45 CST Asc 23LI14 MC 2LE48 Moon 16PI02 Part of Fortune 0AR03!!

I notice that R.E.Bills associates Chicago with Leo, (Libra, Cancer and Pisces). Astrologically I think Rio de Janeiro's chances are quite attractive. R.E.Bills refers to this city as Gemini - but I am going for Brazil as Virgo. I am wondering whether Obama can sway the decision in Chicago's direction, or whether the Moon opposes Mercury (Gemini - USA) but Virgo - Brazil still picks up on it from the point of Mercury being both at home and exalted in this sign.

Mercury is purified in his own sign Virgo, is not influenced or colored by any other planet, and thus receives his exaltation here.

At 18.30 CST IOC-President Jacques Rogge will announce the winner.
Asc 4AR47 MC 1CP48 Moon 21PI27 Part of Fortune 16VI16
Pluto has just culminated. The Part of Fortune is conjunct Venus in Virgo.
I still hold a thumb on Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.
Andrew Bevan

Location: Oslo, Norway

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 7:37 am    Post subject:

Rio de Janeiro win contest for Olympics 2016

The announcement was made at about 18.50 CST, Oct. 2. Copenhagen.
Asc 19AR18 MC 6CP04 Moon 21PI18 Part of Fortune 0LI57 !!

Of the finalists, Chicago was the city to receive the least votes, followed by Tokyo. The final contest was between Rio de Janeiro and Madrid. The announcement of the winner was 20 minutes delayed according to schedule. Of some interest, note that the Part of Fortune was opposite its position earlier in the day when Chicago started off the ball of final presentations. Pluto was square Fortuna at the moment they slit the envelope. The exaltation degree of the Sun is on the ascendant.