Lars Sponheim


Posted Aug.25 2009:

Lars Sponheim is the leader of the Norwegian political party Venstre, the Liberals, (V). The Norwegian Liberal Party had been without representatives at the Norwegian Parliament for 8 years until 1993 when Lars Sponheim said that he would walk the distance from Ulvik in Hardanger to Oslo (350km) if he were elected. The party won two seats and Sponheim did the walk. The popularity, support and political basis of the party has since hovered around 6%.

In October 1997 the Liberals formed a coalition and a minority government (the smallest political basis in Norwegian history) with the Christian Democrats (KrF) and the Conservatives (H). The Government was formed and headed by Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik, while Sponheim performed as Minister of Commerce. This government had to leave office on March 13. 2001 on the issue of development of Gas Power Plants. However, in the fall of 2001 a new coalition was formed between V, Krf and H, Bondevik's 2nd Government, where Sponheim performed as the Minister of Farming and Agriculture. This Government remained seated until the Norwegian General Election of 2005.

In 1993 Sponheim's Solar Age Point reached 23Libra and was close the benefic fixed star Spica. The ruler of Libra, Venus, was in her own terms in the sign of Gemini (Venstre won two seats) in the same sign as the Sun (dignity). However, Venus was opposite Saturn in Sagittarius and Sponheim had to prove that he was willing to make the long walk to 'cross the bridge' (SAP in Libra!).

Sponheim entered Bondeviks' government in 1997 as his Solar Age Point entered Leo (!) and crossed the fixed star Regulus, which is known to give a sudden rise - although it may not last. Sponheim enjoyed elevation at his SAP was directed through Leo. Currently, august 2009, his SAP is about 17 degrees Cancer. The sign Cancer is disposed by the Moon in Pisces. Sponheim is saying that he will topple the Socialist government if there is a Non-Socialist majority, but with the Moon in Pisces it doesn't look like Sponheim has an alternative to the existing government, rather, there are too many loose strings and the danger is leading the nation into a political havoc. Another thing that should be considered is the vulnerability of Moon in Pisces. With Mars luring at 11CN24 in Sponehim's nativity, it seems more reasonable that he should be on the defensive, rather than on the attack, and that some internal or domestic conflict would be on the brew - and due to manifest no later than 2010.