Jens Stoltenberg

Norwegian Prime Minister; 17.03.2000 - 17.10.2001, 17.10.2005 -


On March 17. 2000, Jens Stoltenberg was appointed Norwegian Prime Minister, the day after his 41st birthday. His Solar Age Point was 18degrees 50' Cancer exactly square the exaltation degree of the Sun. But this was not a good turn for Jens. The ruler of Cancer, the Moon, is in a sign she does not enjoy, Gemini, and joined to her enemy Mars. Stoltenberg's position was damaged  and the political support summoned by the Labour Party sank to a historical low. His Government was replaced by a second Bondevik-Government in October of 2001.  

I believed that his future outlooks were ruined to 1) lift the Labour Party out the dumps, and 2) to enjoy future success as Norwegian Prime Minister. However, in the political vacuum of the 2005 election - the Labour Party (AP) scraped through with some progress and managed to summon a coalition government with minor parties SV, lead by Kristin Halvorsen, and SP, lead by Aaslaug Haga. SP had previously been one of the parties to form a government of the opposite sector, lead by Kjell Magne Bondevik. There are some strong contradictions in the politics lead by the present coalition partners, not to mention regarding energy politics and membership in the EC.

Jens Stoltenberg will enjoy new dignity when his Solar Age Point reaches Pisces in year 2018 (age 59)!