Train Wagons Crash - Oslo Centrum

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2010

Train Wagons Run Wild - 3 people killed
16 freight wagons measuring over 400metres and weighing over 500 ton broke away from their parking at Alnabru station in Oslo on 24 March 2010 and thundered 8 km down into Oslo Centrum before destroying a terminal building and ending up in the sea. It was downhill all the way and the wagons picked up speed, traveling at over 100 km/h at the most. The traffic controller was unable to stop the carriages, but fortunately they were diverted away from the Oslo Central Station and into the harbor area. 3 people were killed and 4 people injured. 9 cars were involved. Tragic - but it could have been a lot worse.
The Police received a report of train wagons having hit a building at Sjursöya in Oslo at 13.16 CT.  I am assuming that the collision occurred a minute or two earlier and have cast the chart for 13.14 CST. At this time the Moon is in her South Nodes in Cancer and exactly square the Midheaven. Less than 15 minutes earlier, at 13.00 CT, Mercury, Lord of the 3rd house, culminated in Aries. In view of the time it takes to travel the 8 km from Alnabru and down into the City Center, this is likely to have been when the trouble occurred. The carriages traveled slowly at first but must have swiftly picked up speed. An eye-witness says that the rear wagons were traveling, or rather flying, 20 cm above the train track as they sped into the harbor area. Several cars were hit. However, the damage would have been unimaginable if the wagons had ended up in the Central Station. At 13.51 CT at train carrying aviation fuel was due to be loading the tank facilities at Sjursöya.


Moon in South nodes square the Midheaven

Mercury in Aries in the South is the indication of something racing off on its own. Dispositor Mars is in Leo in the 12th house and just coming out of its station. Leo rules high places. Mercury is ruler of the 3rd house and the appropriate ruler of cars, wagons, trains and vehicles. The Moon with South Nodes in Cancer in the 12th house tells the story: The Dragon's tail has no head, and not only did the wagons begin to roll, neither did they have a driver. A fatal event. The 12th house rules large animals like horses; hidden or nameless enemies, like the weather and elements; matters of weakness or neglect causing fate to set in; things going wrong and taking off on a rule of their own. The track breaks on the rear wagon that were supposed to hold the train into place, failed, snapped or were forgotten to be put on. How the accident could occur is at the time of writing still being investigated. Saturn, the natural ruler of breaks, is in the 3rd house of the wagons. He is retrograde in the sign of his exaltation, Libra, and has just come out of his opposition to the Sun, which destroys him or gives reason to error.

The cusp of the 12th house in the Chart of Norway is on the ascendant at the time of the accident. Transiting Uranus is on the cusp of the 8th house in the national chart. Venus, lady of the 3rd house in the Norway chart at 22LI26, is opposite the cusp of the 3rd at 21AR06. As the train of wagons started to roll and the collision occurred, the nodal Moon was located in the 18th degree of Cancer. The Capital of Norway, Oslo, is ruled by Cancer.

Source: Aftenposten
Graphics: Aftenposten

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