Astrologer Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol

- Warning to The White House -

Trying to be useful, act prudently and do the right thing isn't always easy. Sometimes we pick up on issues we do not fully understand but are not in the position to prove our credibility or do anything constructive. We attempt to get on the track and be given the opportunity examine the missing pieces, under the assumption that the contribution may prove valuable but getting the attention and winning the confidence of the right people involves a portion of embarrassment and beware, you might get thrown out on the streets in your attempt. If you are in this position, try to keep sane, composed and keep communications simple and low ball. It won't always work out, but then at least you have done your bit.
That I had been following Bill Clintons chart for some time, as can be seen in Okonomisk Rapport 1997. At the time I was picking up on the drastic shifts in the presidents chart in august, which was in fact when the Lewinsky case exploded. From my position it is difficult to understand what is going on, but the details of Clinton's chart are explicit, when you get down to it. However, I admit trying to get through to the White House on previously in June and July of 1993. The thing I want to discuss but can't find the right channel for is a build up in the President's chart that threaten his sense of security in late December 1993, and which again gave reason to monitor dates in September 1994. What does it mean, and how to set about the problem. I am not sure I have the right answers.
It is easy to jump to the conclusion of some political ambush or attempted attack against the President, but what actually happened  in December 1993 was that the President's mother deceased and passed away. On September 13. 1994 a small plane crashed into the West wing of the White House. The president was not at home. So in two different ways the sense of security of the President was affected, but not in the way that may have been thought.




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