100m World Record 9,58 seconds

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2009

World Championship in Athletics

- an article posted at Skyscript.co.uk 16 Aug 2009

August 16. 2009, Berlin
100m Sprint for Men
Usain Bolt 9,58

The old record was held by Bolt himself and was 9,69 seconds.
The race was scheduled to start at 19.35 CST but 10 minutes must have past with show and presentations until the shot sounded. At that point I lost all sense of time. 9,58 seconds!!
The old record was slashed with 0,11 seconds!
A chart cast for 21.45 CST shows:
Asc 12AR32 MC 4CP38 Moon 3CN58 POF 22AQ25
Day Sun, Hour Mars - the Lord of the Hour rules the asc. The Lord of the Day rules the ascendant by exaltation. The Lord of the Day and Lord of the Hour share the same powers.
The Moon is on the Lower Midheaven and in sextile to the degree of her exaltation. Fortuna is conjunct Jupiter at 21AQ48. Astrologically, I note that the race might have started two minutes earlier making the relationships of Luna to IC and Jova to Fortuna even tighter. Mars, Lord of the ascendant, is in the humane sign Gemini and in the 3rd house of short journeys. This was the Sprint.
Mercury, the keeper of records, is in his own sign and exaltation and in conjunction with Saturn, who is the Lord of the 10th and the natural ruler of our limits. The Sun is conjunct the fixed star Alphard: "The one that stands alone". Usain Bolt does stand alone with 9,58 on the 100metre sprint. The chart has the making of a record that could stand for times to come. This race will be remembered for ever.

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