Date: Jan 27. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
New Year Moon of February 3. 2011
Heightened Seismic activity due Norwegian Coastline? Stoltenberg Coalition on a thin Ice?
Planetary Configurations highlights New Tension Zones throughout the World.

The close alignment between the luminaries and planet Mars adds energy to the New Year Moon in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a disruptive and violent sign, yet it gives power to change and reforms and democratic movements. The explosive nature of the configuration gives need to keep an eye on areas of particular instability. Since Aquarius is a technological and human Air sign it also gives reason to monitor issues of aviation, science and maybe also Rocket Science - Although Space Travel lies beyond the terrestrial domain unless it concerns something that either is going up or coming down.


Astro*Cartography Chart for New Moon of February 3. 2011

In view of the terrorist bombing at the Domodedovo Airport in Moscow in January, close to the intersection lines of Pluto and Saturn, it seems logical to put those same lines on the watch list for this month to monitor for similar heightened actions of stress and strife. Once crucial area in particular seems to lie toward the borderline of EGYPT, LIBYA and SUDAN. I have highlighted this area with a circle that makes it easier to trace the lines to other locations that may be vulnerable for political disrupt, frustration, attack and uproar.

The New Moon alignment with Mars is on the upper Meridian of Eastern JAPAN, close to cities like Sapporo and Hokkaido, yet the seismic fault in the ocean under this line, yet further South East of Japan, has already been moved by recent activity. In view of the flooding in Australia it will be interesting to see how the administration in Melbourne (directly under the line) and Canberra deal with local problems if infections, stress and dissatisfaction comes to surface. The nation has also had also been troubled with recent fires. 

The extreme North Eastern coastline of BRAZIL may also be worth keeping an eye on. The is on the opposite side of the globe, but is is possible to see how the great Meridian circle comes round and the coastline is exposed to the luminaries and Mars on the lower Midheaven. Some harsh winds is the least of what may be whipped up.


Northern Europe:
Zooming in on particular areas, events in NORWAY may be particularly in focus - starting with the World Championships in Skiing that is officially opened on February 23. and held in Oslo.


The World Championships in Skiing in Oslo occurs directly under the line where Jupiter is located on the Lower Midheaven. Anyone following these events is likely to be reminded about the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer (2 hours drive north of Oslo) in 1994. The association here is of course to the Olympic games, which in their origin were arrange in celebration an honor of the deity of Jupiter. Norwegians will be keen to copy the success from 1994.

But looking to the West Coast of Norway, this is directly on the meridian line of Uranus. This may not offer stability but is rather due to shake things up. Together with a period of heightened seismic activity (and the area may be due for an earthquake in the scale of 5+ on the Richter scale), there may be hazard, and a require need heightened security, in matters of travel, aviation and also helicopter transportation (Uranus in Pisces).



Conventional Chart cast for Bergen:
The chart is cast for Bergen and the West Coast in general. The chart provides a better picture of the planetary configuration and angles between planets.

The chart shows how Uranus is on the lower Midheaven, or cusp of the 4th house. Uranus is in a square aspect (90 degrees angle) to the planet Venus, who disposes him by exaltation. On the midpoint of this configuration is the New Moon joined to Mars in 13-14 Aquarius. The New Moon is in a 45-degree aspect to the angular Uranus, thus emphasizing the tension and potential of a hazardous event.

The National Chart of Norway


The Midheaven in National chart of Norway will receive the square from transit Neptune though the month of February and will be exact on February 10. The dates 20-21. February will also be crucial as Mars moves ahead and transits the same point. These latter dates may be sensitive, also  because they are close 405 days since the Earthquake in Haiti on Jan 12.2010 (45dys x 9), 360 days since the Earthquake in Chile on Feb 27. 2010 (45dys x 8), and 315 days since the Volcano eruption on Iceland on April 13. 2010 (45dys x 7), whence also occured a devastating earthquake in China.

These transit from Neptune square to the Midheaven in the Chart of Norway is interesting due to the current political discussion regarding drilling for oil-resources in the vulnerable wild-life and crucial fishing areas outside Lofoten. The 90-degrees aspect shows the conflicting interests and the issue may be due to cause of crises for the sitting coalition of AP, SV and SP.