Posted; May 4. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.

Build up over San Francisco

Since the 8,8 Richter Earthquake hit Japan on March 11. 2011, I have put forth an observation that significant Earthquake patters often demonstrate and follow a 45 day progression. I also pointed out that several lunations were adding pressure over the San Francisco area, and that there may be a connection between the two and resulting in a significant Earthquake in San Francisco close to April 25. This did not happen. But the lunations are not letting go of the area just jet. Here is the chart for the lunar eclipse on June 15. 2011. And there is another way to perform the calculations, by reversing the fibonacci fractions:
Astro*Cartography, Lunar Eclipse June 15. 2011
April 2011 even contained some smaller sized 4,5 Earthquakes in Nevada 2 weeks ahead of the key date of April 25. Such smaller warning quakes are not uncommon if something is on the build and offer an important clued to seismologist. However, April 25-27. went past with nothing happening.
It is a case of being glad for getting it wrong, but frustrated in terms of the achievement if the Earthquake had been correctly warned.
However, the lunar Eclipse of June 15. 2011 suggests the the area still is hot. In a previous post I showed how fibonacci mathematics could be used to connect Earthquakes Dec 21. 2010, March 11. 2011 and lead up to April 25. 2011. (Link
The calculation was 0.618 + 0.382 = 1, or 78days + (2+45)days = 125days 
But it can also be turned around to read 0.382 + 0.618 = 1, or (78+2)days +129days = 209 days
Notice how 2 days moves place in the equation to fit with the facts of reality
The latter calculation leads up to July 17. 2011, which is interesting because it is only two days after the Full Moon of July 15. or 45-46 days after the partial solar eclipse in 1102' Gemini on June 1. The Lunar Eclipse on June 15. 2011 is 6 lunations or half a fibonacci year after the lunar eclipse of Dec 21. 2010. The Full Moon on July 15 is the 7th lunation, expressed as ~29,53days x 7.
Build-up over San Francisco
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