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Eurovision Song Contest 2010

The Planets Sing for German Entry.

The Norwegian/British astrologer Andrew Bevan has moved Germany up to first position in his recent evaluation of the candidates to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. It is the birth chart of the German contestant Lena Meyer-Landrut that has convinced him and caused him to change his mind. In his previous analysis of 18. March 2010 the constellations caused him to pronounce Armenia & Sweden as celestial favorites. Germany are entering this year with the song "Satellite' sung by 19 year old Meyer-Landrut. They last won in 1982 with 'A bisschen Frieden' sung by Nicole.

Link to the full astrological discussion at Skyscript.


Chart for the Final, Telenor Arena, Oslo.


New Perspectives from the Sky

Every chart has its secrets. One thing that had to be considered was whether the planet Saturn could be the significator and representative of a little satellite orbiting planet Earth. "This could offer a new perspective," says Bevan. "Saturn does not have to run rings round the Moon to represent a small communication unit on a long distance journey on the outskirts of our boundaries. The symbolism is good at the same time as this invites the Mars and Aries to act as signifcators of Germany.


Meyer-Landrut has her chance

The persuading factor is the birth chart of German Lena Meyer-Landrut, as far as the astrologer is concerned. Her chart is beautifully tuned to the moment the final starts in Oslo on 29. May at 21.00 hrs CST, less than one week after she celebrates her 19th birthday. "This going to be a very exciting evening for her. A chart cast for Sunrise on the day she was born shows how the Sun and Moon pick up on the angles in Oslo. She is also born under a relatively rare constellation between Jupiter and Saturn that also is prominent during the Eurovision Song Contest final," says the Astrologer.

Lena Meyer-Landrut, Germany - 'Satellite'

Lena Meyer-Landrut has an exciting chart when compared with the planetary configurations for when the Eurovision final starts in Telenor Arena. Her Sun and Moon are beneficially located and she is also born during a rare configuration between the planets Jupiter and Saturn that reoccurs at the same time as the final event.


Haral Skaat, Israel - 'Miril'

The planet Mars is strongly positioned in Leo on the evening of 29. May. This agrees with the Sun sign of the Israeli artist Haral Skaat. His song 'Miril' or 'Words' is built upon a dialogue with God. The song is among the favorites, although the poetry of the song might represent a challenge to the average Eurovision viewer.


Safura Alizadeh, Azerbaijan - 'Drip, Drop'

Safura Alizadeh will be representing Azerbaijan with the entry 'Drip, drop'. Transit Saturn is aligned with her natal Sun at the time of the Eurovision final. Bookmakers presently hold her among the favorites.


Armenia and Sweden still in the Race

- Armenia and Sweden are still excellent candidates to great performance and have the potential to surprise on the night, but of these two I would give Armenia advantage as the strongest outsider, Bevan says. "The Armenian 'Apricot Stone' could still be out there hurling through Space, but the Swedish entry 'This is My Life' may have trouble getting off the ground." - I wish both entries the best of Fortune! Link


An Update on Odds

Recent odds from Bookmakers quote Israel as favorite at 3:1. Second is Azerbaijan at 3,5:1. Germany has moved up to 3rd place and priced at 4:1. Fourth is Armenia at 12:1 with Sweden held in eighth position at 15:1 odds. (Source: Unibet)


Link to the full astrological discussion at Skyscript.
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