Students section - Football prediction
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
The technique of football prediction is very much an unperfected art, but within this lies the ultimate challenge for anyone wanting to test the scope of their technique up against the odds of the bookmaker. Anyone looking for the opportunity to participate in the ongoing debate regarding current matches should join the 'Sports & Speculation Section' at Here your ideas and perspectives on football and the astrological will be very much welcome.

As a starting point for the discussion, any football game or contest may be subject to astrological influences but the first problem is when everyone is doing the same thing at once. This means that the chart looses its specific focus when many games are being played at once  in locations relatively close to one another. It will only be those details that separate one game from another that can have any importance on the outfall of the game. Remember also to check your expectations against the bookmakers 'odds'. This will give you an idea of whether you are going for the  obvious favorites, which is less impressive in terms of predictive skills, or you are in fact developing a skill of picking the underdogs.

A few clues as you begin:

In addition to what you may know about sports prediction, here are a few general ideas and observations regarding the question of radicality that I introduced to the discussion at Skyscript in 2008:

Radical: If a game is played at a time when the chart is radical, i.e. there is an agreement between the planetary hour and the ascendant or it's lord (see on planetary hours) then this moment tends to play in advantage of the favorite, or protect the favorite - or move the result away from the underdog.

Non-radical: If the chart lacks radicality this may be your first indication that the result is moved away from the favorite, although it might not always be enough for the underdog to win. Together with other testimonies - you might have a case.

Radical by triplicity: This occurs when the lord of the hour rules the sign on the ascendant by triplicity, or is in the same triplicity as the lord of the hour; because triplicities like to share things around these combinations have a liking for draws (unless when in the same sign and the advantage may go back to the home team or the favorite). The lord of the hour in the same sign as the significator of any team gives a testimony to that team.

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Most games are a question of the home team (asc) against the guests (des), although other contests are more a question of the favorites against the underdogs, which most often is the case if the match is played at a neutral ground. In these cases the Midheaven (MC) and secondly the ascendant are given to the favorite, the IC and the descendant to the underdog. Contests played at a neutral ground may also be judged by giving special emphasis to the importance of the Part of Fortune. The Lights (Sun and Moon) in angles, or Fortunes (Venus and Jupiter) in aspect with the Fortuna give testimony to the favorite. When the Part of Spirit is fortified, particularly in Cup-tournaments, this may give advantage to the hero's, the public favorites - who may be the underdogs.

Draws also seem to turn up quite unexpectedly when matches were stated just as the planetary hour was on the change. This is because the change of the lord of the hour can be compare to a change of guards, and if the match started just as the hour was changing, then the guards got 'caught on the bridge' - so to speak.

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Generally judge from the applications of the lords of the 1st, 7th, 10th and 4th houses and planets therein. Although the fortunes will generally signify the favorites and the infortunes the underdogs where they do not have representation of either team. Saturn will more often tend to restrain a game and put a lid on it, which often produced a draw where we were looking for something else. Also note whether the aspects are cast through signs of long and short ascension, because here the aspects have the prospects of converting their meanings, i.e in signs of long ascension the sextile performs like a square and the square works like a trine, in signs of short ascension the trine works like a square and the square like a sextile. Read more about the specific conversions of aspects here.

The 4th house and its lord also has the tendency to bury a match and deprive it from a winner. So in those instances that these influences were predominant the match ended result-less.

The Moon located in the sign that naturally signifies one of the playing teams, or the nation, city or town that the team represented - that team was often fortified in that match and had the ability to produce an impressive result. 

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Defining the Battle: 

In many senses the conquest of a football match can be compare to the besiegement of a bridge. The home team has an upper-hand advantage from the start, but viewed from another perspective - the advantage is in the hands of the over-power or favorite. Before judging a chart, take the time to consider the nature of the game and who possesses the bridge or battleground from the start. There will be instances where there is no fair contest, no matter what the planets suggest. Sometimes a specific game will turn the tables and set the standard for many games to come, so a team will remain unbeaten for many games ahead. Or two teams may be in a special 'nodal' relationship to one another, so that the one team may remain undefeated for several decades. Other times the contest and the result is nothing but a rotation within a league that had a life of its own. And to confuse matters more, sometimes the outstanding favorite will front nothing but a reserve team and the result is once again in the wild -  so the variables do become almost endless.

What ever you do, if you do decide to experiment into astrology and sports prediction/ gaming, do not loose your head. Do it for exercise and for fun. I do think that the practice will excite your imagination and research into technique. Even if your gains are not monetary, there is the improvement to the quality of your astrological judgment and understanding of the game of football.