Will my old Banger of a Car make it across the
mountains from Oslo to Haugesund?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1995
I have an old car, an Opel Cadet, which is 20 years old at the time of question. It certainly shows the wear and tear of 20 years service. Some people give their cars names. I've called my car 'Chuck', because when it won't go any more I'll chuck it away. Well so far my occasional but also more frequent endeavours into amateur car mechanics had helped Chuck keep his pace (although only just about, I'd say. I often wondered whether there was something about astrologers, cars and driving. Anyone who has had a lift with Olivia Barclay will know what I am talking about). However, on this occasion my spouse and I intended to travel from Oslo to Haugesund. The journey by car (it looks like ever such a short and straight line on the map) means travelling along winding roads, climbing up the mountain on the one side, down the other and then back again. You need good breaks and a lot of other toss! The journey would add over 1000km to the clock and, quite frankly, I was unsure whether the old car would make it. Ending up in the middle of nowhere never seems like a good idea, so I asked a horary. The question was posed at 11.00 LST (09.00 GMT), 17.06.1995, Oslo, 59N56, 10E43.
This was the day of Saturn and the hour of Venus. The lord of the day has the same powers as the Virgo ascendant since both are cold and dry. Virgo is of the triplicity of Venus, lady of the hour. In addition, I noted that Venus applied to conjunct Mercury, lord of the ascendant, who holds both essentially and accidentally dignities. First, the chart was radical and fit to be judged. Secondly, the gathering of mentioned testimonies favours a positive outcome to the question at hand.
Mercury is lord of both 1st house, myself, and the second house, my possessions. Mercury is the natural significator of cars. Note, he is in his second station and turned direct only hours prior to the question was posed. The second station is better than the first. Better than retrogradation, too. Besides the dignity of Mercury made this no great impediment. My father, however, had remarked that I would never scrap the car, because it was virtually home made. That was an exaggeration, but a compliment I accept. Mars in Virgo in first house; I was my own mechanic. Mars, ruler of the 9th, representing my contemplations upon making the long journey with this somebodys joke of a car.
Whether the car should be signified by the 2nd or the 3rd house? The car as my possession is shown by the second, but the car as a means to communication is indicated by the 3rd. This is emphasised by the fact that Venus, ruler of the 3rd, also is lady of the hour. The Moon's north node in the 3rd house is a fortunate testimony. Venus is ruler of both 3rd and the 10th, and disposes of Mars, ruler of the 9th, by three of his lesser dignities. Venus will translate the light from Jupiter to Mercury (because Mercury is stationary!!), a strong signification of that the travel will be performed.
Jupiter has dignities on the cusp of the 3rd, which is in his term. He is essentially strong by triplicity and his own sign, Sagittarius, which is of long distance travel, and intercepted in the 4th house. The journey will take us home to my spouses' family, Jupiter ruler of the 7th. Jupiter is in reception with Mercury by face, and in reception with Venus by term. Mercury receives the virtue of Jupiter in both triplicity and face.
Co-significator of the motorcar, the Moon, is in her own face in Aquarius, automobiles, in the 6th. She applies by trine to the Sun, almuten of the 9th, who receives her in the10th, in his own face. Although the Moon is cadent, certainly the car would be able to stay in dignity. The Sun is also ruler of the 12th house, but to this I will explain by that the 12th often proves representative of remote places that lie beyond the reach of common people, outer districts or foreign countries. By the dignities held by their lights, their amicable aspect and the testimonies mentioned above, I judged that car was fit to be driven.
The trip was performed. At one point on our way up the mountain, there was the case of the radiator running dry which affected the motors cooling system. This can be read out of the chart by Saturn, almuten of the 3rd and dispositor of the Moon in Pisces, on the cusp of the 8th. Mars in Virgo, both planet and sign dry, in the 1st house, causing the motor to overheat. Apart from that...  no difficulty. The end.

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