Where is Selene's Dummy ?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1986
Applying astrology to recover lost and missing articles may often seem like a tedious and unrewarding line of business. The effort required to cast and interpret a horary chart doesn't always compare with the often trifle value of the missing item. However, this might be one of those cases where parent could agree astrology proved a certain usefulness in resolving emergency situation. The question was asked at time 18.51 LT (17.51 GMT), 19.12.1986 Oslo, 59N55, 10E45.
My daughter, Selene, was 7 months of age when one afternoon her dummy went missing. Her mother and I were living in the 4th floor up of an 11-floor storage that provided student residences. Selene was heartbroken and could not be comforted. We didn't know what to do. We turned our 41 square metre apartment inside out to try and recover it, but alas, without result. Casting a horary chart was the easy way out and lead us to the dummy immediately. This was how it was done.
This was the day of Saturn and the hour of Venus. The lord of the day has the same powers as the Virgo ascendant since both are cold and dry. Virgo is of the triplicity of Venus, lady of the hour. In addition, I noted that Venus applied to conjunct Mercury, lord of the ascendant, who holds both essentially and accidentally dignities. First, the chart was radical and fit to be judged. Secondly, the gathering of mentioned testimonies favours a positive outcome to the question at hand.
Venus is the lady of both the day and hour. This is a fortitude according to the nature of Venus. Venus is the natural significator of possessions, particularly those that give ease and comfort. The planet's glyph even looks just like a dummy. Venus is in her own terms in the sign of Scorpio, so the dummy brings relief in times of anguish. There is no relationship between the lady of the hour and Leo, which is in the radical ascendant, but then we notice that the Moon is rising and on the cusp. The Moon and Venus share the same powers of moisture and cool.
My daughter is signified by the 5th house, which has Scorpio on the cusp and Sagittarius intercepted containing a quite stellium of planets. I noticed Selenes natal Moon to be conjunct the cusp of the 5th in Scorpio, hence proving the chart to be more Pisces; she is a beautiful child with deep dark eyes and long eyelashes. Selene's dummy is signified by Capricorn on the 2nd house from the 5th, and it's ruler, Saturn. Saturn is intercepted in Sagittarius in the 5th, most closely conjunct Mercury. Sagittarius, a fire sign, rules high places and Saturn in the 14th degree is just below half way up. It was true that our apartment was just below halfway up the building.
The signifier of my daughter, Mars, and lady of the day and hour, Venus, were both in water signs, which indicated a direction north. Our apartment lay along the northern wall of the block and from inside it looked more like the long carriage taken from a tram pointing direction East-West. Fire signs indicate the East. Saturn, significator of the missing belonging, in Sagittarius, and the Moon, co-significator of the question, in Leo, in the Ascendant, which is to the East; we would have to look along the Eastern wall and probably close to a heating element.
Our bedroom lies in the East. R.E.Bills says that Venus, who is lady of the day and hour, and Libra rules bedrooms, while sleep is signified by Pisces (These two signs cast their antiscia to each other). Libra is on the cusp of the 4th of the radical chart. The Moon last past over the body of Mars, significator of my daughter, which is in Pisces and in reception with Venus, he in her exaltation; showing where Selene last had the dummy.
Saturn was intercepted; it could have fallen into or behind something. I went into the bedroom. Our bed was up against the Eastern wall, where also was a heater. The dummy had fallen behind the bed and lay just north of the heater. Saturn, significator of the dummy, was intercepted and conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. That's funny, because the dummy lay on top of a wire leading to a loud speaker! The end.

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