Who will win the Eurovision Song Contest 1987?

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1996
Example of a chart where the intercepted significator represented an island.
The Eurovision Song Contest of 1986, held in Bergen, Norway, had been won by Sandra Kim of Belgium. According the rules of Eurovision it is the winner of the competition that gets the prestigious honour of arranging next years final, so in 1987 the final was set for May 9th and to be held in Belgium. I am the querent and my question is: "Who will win the Eurovision Song Contest 1987?" The chat is cast for 18.17 LMT (17.17 GMT), February 22nd 1987, Oslo, Norway. 
Mercury, ruler of the ascendant and significator of myself, is debilitated by his detriment and fall in Pisces, retrograde and combust on the cusp of the 7th house. Ptolemy says that the astrologer plunges himself into many errors when the cusp of the 7th and lord thereof are unfortunate or afflicted (Coley p310, aph.XIV). In view of this stricture I put the chart aside and did not make any judgement at the time. The stricture could warn the astrologer against putting himself in a situation where he may attract upon himself unlooked for misfortune. The interpretation of the chart was therefore made in retrospect (Mercury retrograde) after all the details and result was known.
Venus, lady of the hour, has essential dignities on the ascendant by face (only) but casts her aspect tot the ascendant be trine. Thus by her aspect to the ascendant the radical. The competition is signified by the 5th house. Venus is located on the cusp of the 5th, thus the gathered virtues of Venus, lady of the house, and Mercury, lord of the ascendant, describes the song contest in a satisfactory manner.
For casting judgement on the 5th house, I found it correct to look to Mars, who is almuten of the cusp since he gathers dignities through both exaltation and term. He is also in mutual reception with Venus, since she is in his exaltation and  he in her sign. Mars is intercepted in Taurus in the 9th house. The winning nation was Ireland; an island in strife (intercepted Mars), located south (earth), South-West (9th house) from the location of the querent. 
The winning entry was written and performed by Jonny Logan. The song was a ballad about a love-relationship that has just come to an end (Venus in Capricorn). The song was called "Hold Me Now!" How's that for the urgency of Mars in Taurus!! The end.


When looking down the list of Eurovision Song Contest winners down through the years, it strikes me those instances where the winning nation has a song with a title that coincidentally matches the qualities of the sign associated with that country. 

Ie. England (Aries) - Puppet on a String (1967), Boom Bang-a-Bang (1969), Jack in the Box (4rth place 1971, but so typically Aries!!) and Making your Mind Up (1981). Ireland (Taurus) - What's another year (1980) and Hold Me Now (1987). Sweden (Aquarius) - Waterloo (1974) Captured by a Stormwind (1991), Norway (Scorpio) - Let it Swing! (1985) and Nocturne (1995).

Feel free to extend the list! Andrew Bevan







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