"Will my father in law survive? "
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2009
A young man called me because his father in law has been taken to hospital and was critically ill. He is suffering from blood poisoning and both his kidneys have collapsed. This situation is not good and his is on the threshold of death. The doctors are not making progress. The question is: What are his chances? Does he have any chance of survival?
The querent is represented by the 1st house, his wife by the 7th. His wife's father is represented by the 4th house from the cusp of the 7th. Here Venus is detrimented in the sign of Aries. Venus rules the kidneys and Aries is the domicile of Mars, the universal significator of blood. If the kidneys don't work there is blood poisoning.

The Moon is co-significator in the question and is on the cusp of a cadent house and in the sign of her detriment, Capricorn. This is not good. She separates from her square with Venus, cast through signs of short ascension, but hardly benefits from the conversion of the aspect from square to sextile due to both Luna and Venus being located in their detriment. The Moon in Capricorn is a poor token for the bodily functions and metabolism. I confirmed that the father in law's state was most weak and critical.

Then I considered how the Moon would pick up on a semi-sextile to Mars. Mars was both the significator of blood and dispositor of Venus, i.e. Mars is the ruler of 10th and is the significator of the quesitive. I judged that this may represent some assisting diagnosis or useful support or action. Then the Moon would move toward to the trine of Saturn, who is her dispositor; considering that both Mars and Saturn held dignities in the sign of her location. This could show perfection or confirmation in a positive sense.
I observed the sextile between Venus and her dispositor, Mars, although Venus was slow and this aspect was separating rather than applying, but Venus was is her own terms in Aries and this condition did offer some fortification. Mars also benefiting from his closeness to Jupiter, the greater benefic, and in an angular house. Lastly, I noted that both the benefics Jupiter and Venus were angular in this chart, which is an indication of fortune and good. I therefore instructed the querent that is father in law was very ill and weak, and improvement would be slow, but that there was both hope and strength in the chart so that I judged he may recover.
 I called the querent two days after the question and the situation was still critical. No improvement. The father in law had almost passed away. The doctors had barely been able to help him, but then I spoke with the querent yesterday, March 12. and almost 3 weeks after the moment of crises, the querent could confirm that there had been a recovery and the patient had come through. The gentleman did survive and his outlook was now considerably better. THE END

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