Where is my missing jewlery?

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1995
A woman reported to have either lost or mislaid a piece of jewellery. She described to piece as a medallion with an Arctic design on a chain, and wanted to know where the jewellery was and whether it would be recovered. The question was asked at 23.14 LT or 22.14 GMT, on February 2.1995, Oslo, 59N56, 10E43. This occurred on the day of the Sun and the hour of the Moon. The Moon has the same powers as the lady of the ascendant, who is Venus, they both moderate and moist. According to this relationship, judgement may be passed by the lady of the ascendant, who in Capricorn perfectly describes the medallion and chain, with the Arctic fashioning. The figure on the medallion represented a reindeer. Venus was in the face of Jupiter and the jewel made of tin. The chart was radical and fit to be judged.
Co-ruler of the question, the Moon, last passed over Saturn in Pisces, who is ruler of the 4th. Hence I judged, the jewelpiece had not been lost, but mislaid. It was still in the place where the querent last put it down.
Mars is lord of the 2nd house of missing articles. He is within the opposition of the Sun, but retrograde and in an angular house, the 10th. The jewel should be recovered. It is probably not far from where it is supposed to be, at her place of work. Mars is benefited by his hayiz, face and placement in a sign that agrees with his natural powers.
The whereabouts of mislaid articles are primarily taken from the 4th house and its lord. Mercury, lord of the 9th, on the cusp of 4th, in his own terms, it is at her school. Moon intercepted in Cancer in the 9th, Venus, who is lady of hour and ascendant, intercepted in Capricorn in the 3rd; It is in the womans locker. Venus in an earth sign, Moon and Saturn in water; the locker is in the basement and near water. But Aquarius is on the cusp of the 4th, with Mercury located there retrograde. There is a shelf towards the top of the locker, and Mercury retrograde makes the jewellery become pushed to the back and hard to see.
The querent had a locker in the woman's changing room in the basement of the school of her study and daily attainment. She went straight to the locker on the following day and there was the medallion on the shelf in the locker, pushed slightly towards the back. The end.







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