Will I get the job as physiotherapist?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2006
There was due a vacncy as a physiotherapist a Blakstad Psychiatric Hospital. Heidi was a qualified physiotherapist and had been appointed at the hospital in various positions for several years. However, physiotherapist positions are scarce and hard to get. The Hospital may choose among applicants with higher qualifications, longer practice and with stronger and more relevant work references. Heidi wanted to know whether she would get the job or not? The question had been hanging in the air for some time, and she was eager to know because she was due to travel on a vacation with her children to Gran Canaria from May 12. until May 19.
The question was asked on the day of Saturn and in the hour of the Sun. Saturn is the almuten of the ascendant by exaltation and triplicity, is a natural significator of employment, and is elevated in the chart, and dignified by both term and face. Venus is the natural ruler of the Libra ascendant and applies to the trine of Saturn, lord of the day, and she is in reception with the Sun, who is lord of the hour and also lord of the Midheaven and matter in question.
Venus, the ruler of the ascendant and the natural significator of Heidi, is in Aries in the 5th house and conjunct the Moon's north node. Heidi herself is born on the day of the Vernal Equinox and has her natal Sun in Aries. In this way, Venus, the natural significator, close to her natal Sun, describes her. I took the presence of the Moons north node with her significator as a fortitude. Venus located in the 5th house; it was also true that she was due to go on vacation with her children. Since the querent is represented by the 1st house and planets therein, Heidi also enjoys the testimonies of Jupiter, who is retrograde and in his own terms in Scorpio in the 1st house.

Co-significator of the question, the Moon, was in Virgo in the 10th house of promotion, employment or official standing. She applies to her dispositor, Mercury, by trine, who is in angular house and who she enjoys reception with by exaltation. From these testimonies, and particularly the condition of the Moon and Mercury, I judged that she with out a doubt she should succeed and be offered the job.

Regarding the matter of when she may receive news regarding such employment, I judged that the Moon in the angular 10th house was in need of 11 degrees to reach the sinister sextile of Jupiter in the 1st. Jupiter is dignified by term and ruler of the 3rd house of letters and communication. Because Jupiter is retrograde, he hastens to meet with the aspect of the Moon, so I judged she would receive news within 11 days and surely slightly less, most likely on May 16. Heidi travelled to Gran Canaria on May 12, not yet having heard whether she would be offered the job. Although rumours were that she had made a strong impression. Surely enough, on May 16. there arrived a letter confirming her success and she was offered the position as Physiotherapist at the psychiatric hospital. The letter was opened and she received the news by SMS.


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