Where is the Leak?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1988
One day, while living in a block for student residentials, our caretaker came knocking on the door to inform us regarding a waterpipe that had sprung a leak. The pipe system that ran up through the floors of the 12- store block was built into a hollow between the kitchen and bathroom. Our apartment concealed the leak. To reach the pipework workers would have to remove the tiles of either kitchen or bathroom and drill their way through the concrete wall. To make matters worse, plumbers couldn't tell exactly where the leak was located, whether high or low up the wall, or whether they had to approach the pipework from either kitchen or bathroom. They would simply have to knock their way through the wall and hope for luck! We were asked to clear aside all personal belongings, cover them up and expect dust everywhere. Great! This was without doubt the moment for a horary. Where is the leak? The time was 15.43 LMT, on 20.February 1987, Oslo.
The question was asked on the day of Venus and the hour of Saturn. The old cobber must have given way and water was threatening to flood and damage lower floors. There is no relationship between the lord of the hour and the radical ascendant. In fact, the Leo ascendant was the detriment of Saturn, so you can bet that something wasn't working properly. Batan Kaitos, a Saturnian star of humiliation and obstacle, had recently culminated in the midheaven. Ruler of the 10th, Mars, had entered into his detriment, Taurus, just and hour earlier.
I am the querent signified by the Leo ascendant. My natal Sun had just risen. The ruler of the ascendant, the Sun, is located in Pisces in the 8th house. I am certainly put into inconvenience by the leak as my partner and I are asked to evacuate the residence while plumbers tear up the apartment.
Co-significator of the question, the Moon, was in her fall in the water sign Scorpio, intercepted in the 4th house. It was true that our apartment suffered from water troubles and pipes hidden between walls concealed their secret.
Lost articles are signified by the 2nd house. It seems a bit strange looking for a hole, but Virgo on the cusp of the 2nd, rules intestines (tubes); Mercury, ruler of the 2nd, to signify wires. Mercury is in the 8th house, retrograde, and in his detriment and fall in watery Pisces. I observed that he had turned from station to retrograde only two days prior to the question, so I judged that it was on this day the trouble had occurred.

Mercury is in a double sign showing more holes than one and Pisces indicates walls that do not face each other but in opposite directions. Mercury is in the middle of Pisces, inclining to the lower half. There proved to be several pipes within the wall and two leaks which had to be reached from either direction, one from the kitchen, the other from the bathroom. The plumbers made their entry through holes in the wall made a little lower than halfway up at which points the burst pipes appeared and were repaired. The end.

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