Will I marry Margaret ?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1995
A young man working abroad queried whether he was going to marry a specific woman in his home country to whom he had an on-going relationship over a number of years. He admitted he had been anticipating, but at the same time fearing to marry the quesitive. The question was asked at 00.24 LST 17.09.1995, or at 22.24 GMT 16.09.1995, location Oslo, 59N55, 10E43.
The question occurred on the day of Saturn and the hour of the Sun. These two lords disagree by nature and actually oppose each other in the sky. The lord of the hour does not blend with the sign on the ascendant, Cancer, nor does it share the powers of its ruler, the Moon. The chart is not radical or happily in tune. However, the Sun, who is lord of the hour, casts his dexter sextile through signs of long ascension to the ascendant, the dexter sextile indicating goodness of both force, judgement and intent. But then interestingly the sextile through signs of long ascension converts to a square, which shows that boldness of action may topple the bandwagon. The Moon separates from her sinister square to the Sun, having translated the virtue of Saturn to the Sun. This indicates that the querent had obviously been in the dark regarding the state of affairs in the past and that circumstances then seemed to have caught up with him. That he had run along with things until he by accident got himself engaged and into commitment without entirely willing it.
The querent is signified by the Cancer ascendant and it's ruler the Moon. The Moon is in Gemini in the 12th house with lies beyond reach of the here and now and commonfolk. The querent was in fact a language consultant. Luna's last past aspect being sinister, the querents last move in regard to the question had been an unanticipated feat by the fact of that he had gone off on his own, taken a chance, separated himself from the scene and travelled abroad of his own choice. Gemini is a mutable sign; the Moon is remote beyond reach in the12th house. The Moon is in a cadent house, so the querent will also land elsewhere than he has intended.
The partner and partnership he asks about is signified by sign on the 7th house, Capricorn, Neptune and Uranus retrograde therein, and the ruler of the 7th, who is Saturn. Saturn is retrograde and peregrine in a weak sign, Pisces, culminating in the 10th house. These testimonies did not favour the quesitive.
The Sun, lord of the hour, in the 4th, had separated himself from the opposition of Saturn, ruler of the 7th. I expect that the querent had felt himself pressured by the expectancies from the families and fathers in particular. But the 4th house also indicated the end of matter and things the querent wished buried and done with. The Moon had completed her translation from the 12th, and from Gemini, a sign who corrupts her nature and fills her with anguish.  Events had apparently performed in a dignified accord, since the Moon had translated the virtue of Saturn to the Sun from the terms Saturn and the face of the Sun. However there can be no doubt that the Moon has completed all of her aspects until she enters the next sign, and she is Void of Course. Nothing is going to happen. The question has no future and the querent is not going to marry the quesitive.
Since the Moon was void with 6 degrees remaining in the sign of Gemini, I said that the querent was likely to ponder upon this question until his situation changed, which could last for 6 months and until March of the following year. This all proved to be true. In 6 months time he met another girl, or rather she found him. He was neither anticipating nor looking for this relationship. His new girl friend got pregnant within the first month of their acquaintance and you could well say that the querent landed elsewhere than he expected. But as far as I know, the new couple were quite happy together, married and formed a family. The end.

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