Will the querent pass her medicine examination?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 2011
A student wanted to know whether she would pass her written examination in medicine to be held the following day. She expressed having had learning difficulties with the tendency to black-out during previous examinations. She wanted to know if I could give her any hints regarding the subject she may be questioned about, as to prevent her from panicking so that she may maintain her focus during the test. The question was asked at time 10.07 CSET or 08.07 GMT, on Monday 13. June 2011 in Asker, Norway 59N50, 10E26.
The question is asked on the Day of Moon, in the hour of the Sun, with the Sun being the lord of the radical ascendant. The chart is radical. The Sun is on the cusp of the 11th house, joined to his dispositor, Mercury, who is strong in his own sign. The Moon's South node is not far away and this gave reason for the womans impendment and hence the cause of her worry. However, the Sun also enjoys a face in this place, and both he and Mercury cast a sextile to the radical ascendant. This gave me reason to believe that all was not black for the querent in this matter, but that she may have the upper hand in the situation and stand a fair chance to succeed in her hopes and wishes. The 11th house always offers hope, relief or some means to a solution.
The Moon is co-significator of every question and I observed that she was in the 19th and cursed degree of Scorpio in the 4th house of the chart. I judged this to represent the subject in which the woman may be examined. I suggested that this related to the blood and also issues that may go wrong during treatment. Noting that the 4th house could related to aging, conditions of severity - or maybe conditions of infection, or relating to the private parts. Noting that her dispositor, Mars, was in the 10th house and applying to Algol, which was an indication of clotting or circumstances getting out of control.
Tuesday afternoon the querent contacted me again, having completed her test and being very pleased with her performance. Regarding the subject she had examined in, the questions were regarding blood-clotting and falling blood-pressure (Mars in the sign his detriment, and the Moon in her fall). The querent therefore felt that judgement had been smack-on and that the councelling had helped her a lot in forming some useful associations that she could peg her knowledge on to before the examination commenced.   The end.

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