Where and when will the oil reach shore?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1986
There had been an accident outside the Norwegian West coast with an oil tanker releasing large amounts of oil. Emergency troops were put into operation to meet the oil as it hit the Norwegian shore. My question was where and when it would arrive. The question was framed at 22.45 LMT (21.45 GMT), on 6.Dec.1986, Oslo, 59N56, 10,43.
There is discord between the lord of the day, Saturn, and the lady of the hour, who is the Moon, and indeed the question regards a matter of sea pollution where large numbers of sea birds and fauna are endangered. However, the lady of the hour, the Moon, rules the Virgo ascendant by triplicity. This is a combination that shows that the correct actions are being taken and offers protection to matters of estate or belongings.
The Virgo ascendant and it's lord, Mercury in Scorpio, is for the oil tanker. Mercury in the 4th house shows it to suffer wreckage. Mercury is disposed by Mars is in Pisces, again showing the oil, but Mars opposes the ascendant and Pisces is the sign of Mercury's detriment and fall, an example of a deception or unequal balance between two planets, so Mercury, the ship, is thoroughly let down and in trouble.

The radical ascendant is conjunct the ascendant of the national chart of Norway. Caput Medusa, Algol, culminates in the midheaven. National catastrophe has struck and there is nothing the Norwegian people can do to prevent it.

Co-significator of the question, the Moon, last passed over Neptune in Capricorn, as I believe it will be shown that the tanker is an old boat and which last left harbour. The Moon's last aspect was it's dexter square from Aquarius to Mercury, signifier of the tanker, in Scorpio. Both Aquarius and Scorpio are violent signs and the tanker hits trouble. 
In this horary the Moon is Void of Course, which means that unexpected things can happen. Either there is nothing you can do or nothing to worry about. Here the Moon rules the 11th house, which signifies relief and protection. What happened was that the unexpectedly wind changed direction, turning North with the Moon's last aspect being her square to Mercury in Scorpio, and the oil was broken up in the sea before it hit land. The Moon is disposed by Saturn who is combust the Sun and intercepted and buried in the 4th house. The Sun is disposed and dispersed by his exact square to the preserver, Jupiter, strong and angular in his own sign, Pisces.
The oil leak never did hit shore and a natural catastrophe was avoided. The Norwegians came lucky, but very much at the mercy of the higher forces of nature, and that should be for a lesson. THE END

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