Will the querent pass her physiotherapy examination?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1995
Heidi, who is a physiotherapy student in her final year of studies wanted to know whether she would pass her anatomy examination. The question was asked at time 17.30 LST or 15.30 GMT, on Friday 8. June 1995 in Oslo, 59N55, 10E43.
The question is posed on the Day of Venus, within the hour of Mercury and with Mars as the lord of the radical ascendant. There is no apparent agreement between the lord of the hour and the lord of ascendant. However, Mars who totally gathers the dignities of the cusp of the first is located in the 10th house, so totally in the dignity of Mercury. Mars is described as guarded through his elevation in the chart and location in relationship to the Lights (DeVore pg193) - and lastly, the blending of Mercury and Mars being so perfectly suited for those matters of examination and scrutiny.
The querent is represented by the Ascendant, which is in Scorpio, planets in the first house, and the ruler of the Ascendant which is Mars. The Ascendant was found in an early degree of the sign, but since the only just had announced her arrival and was in full flourish (Mars) (her radix Sun also in a Mars ruled sign), I took the moment to be radical. Her significator, Mars, in the terns of Mercury in Virgo shows her to be a physiotherapy student. Since Mars is in the 10th house she is going to have an examination and appear before a censor. Judges are ruled by the 10th house (Christian Astrology pg55.)
I noticed that the Moons north node was in the 1st house, which was a good token. In addition, Mars was in reception with the Sun, who was lord of the 10th house and significator of the censor; Mars and the Sun being in one anothers face. Mars, the significator of the querent, enjoys elevation in the chart, which puts it above all the other planets and adds to its power and influence.
The Moon is co-significator in every question. Here she is ruler of the 9th house, which relates to the question of a highschool study. Although the Moon was in the 12th, which is a cadent house, I found the house relevant to the question since many of those people who require physiotherapy are often either institutionalised or also suffer from a mental or psychological ailment. The Moon in Libra, a  sign wherein she harmonizes due to sharing in the same nature as the ruler of the sign, i.e. both the Moon and Venus are moist and moderated (CA pg73+81). Luna was free from malefic aspects, located in the terms of Jupiter and applied to a trine with the Sun, significator of the censor. 
I observed that the Moon barely needed 3 1/2 degrees to make perfect its trine to the Sun. The question was asked Friday afternoon and there was 3 1/2 days remaining till she was due to have her examination on Monday morning. Due to these clear indications and gathering of testimonies I pronounced to the querent I was in no doubt that the examination would be passed with ease.
The candidate asked me whether I could tell her which questions she would be demanded to answer; into which areas she would be examined. From the position of the Moon in the terms of Jupiter, weighed by Mars, her significator, moving towards a square with Jupiter in Sagittarius though signs of long ascension, which often works like a trine (CA p157) and from he Moons trine to the Sun which was in Gemini, Mars in reception with the Sun by face, I told her she would be examined in the hip (Jupiter) and the hand (Gemini) (ref. R.E.Bills). When Monday came she was examined on the subjects of hip and hand and passed the examination with perfection. The end.

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