Whether a woman was pregnant?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1995
A woman wished to know whether she was with child. The question was posed at 09.26 LST, or 07.26 GMT, on 22.April 1995, Oslo. It is the day of Saturn and the hour of the Sun. The Sun together with Saturn is malefic in such matters. Saturn is cold and dry and will often either hinder or cause inconvenience to matters of fertility. Although the Sun is prominent in his warming powers, there is still an excess of dry, and together with Saturn his influence is malefic. There is no natural relationship between the lord of the hour and the Cancer ascendant. According to the ancient stricture such a chart is not radical or fit to be judged. I do disagree with this stricture as a reason for abandoning a chart but essentially it does mean that the astrologer must show caution as not to plunge him or herself into further difficulties. This was certainly the case with this touchy question. The lack of relationship between the lord of the hour and the radical ascendant shows something may be out of tune, not working properly or lead to an unhappy end.
The querent is signified by the Cancer ascendant and it's ruler, the Moon, who is in Aquarius in the 8th house. Cancer and the Moon are indicators of fertility and the Moon joined with Uranus in the 8th indicates a recent initiation, change of rhythm or pace. A study of the Moon's past aspects shows how she prior to the conjunction of Uranus separates from her sinister sextile to Venus who is lady of the 5th house, which represents matters concerning children and childbirth, in the very degree of the vernal equinox of new beginnings. Look at the glyph - it's easy to see that Aries resembles the womans reproductive organs. It is the natural counterpart of the male organs associated with Scorpio. Both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars. After her sextile to Venus and then conjunction with Uranus, the Moon then squared the Sun, lord of the hour, who is no stranger to matters of children; the aspect by square though signs of short ascension which will convert to a benevolent sextile. 
 Venus and the Sun in the 11th house; the woman hopes to be pregnant and the Moons sinister aspects shows she also has made efforts. In comparison, the dexter aspects act more on their own accord through circumstance. 

Venus and the Sun are in reception. The Sun is intercepted close to the exaltation degree of the Moon and the discovery degree of Chiron. The woman has conceived and the impregnated egg resides "between worlds" within her. But the Moon is in Aquarius and the egg has not yet fastened within her uterus. The Sun is in the exaltation of the Moon, but she is within his detriment. The exchange of dignities deceive each other and show a case where the two do not balance. The Sun moves towards the Moon's south node and is heading towards weakness. All this is true, because the woman was pregnant and with child, but the fetus did not fasten and within four weeks, when the Sun by direction came to the degree of the south node, the woman lost the child and had a miscarriage. Here, as in many other cases, I have found that the main issue can be read from the relationship between the lord of the day, lord of the hour and the sign in the radical ascendant. The end.

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