Where is the Seagull's nest ?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1988

We were living on an island on the coastline of Arctic Norway. Some seagulls attacked our cat every time we let him out of the house. Local friends told us that obviously a seagulls nest was lay near by. Eggs would be in the nest and the seagulls were protecting them. Seagulls usually make their nests on ground level. Where was the nest? The question was asked at 19.14 LST (17.14 GMT), 23.May 1988, Sortland, Norway, 68N42, 15E25.

The chart shows it to be the day of the Moon and the hour of Jupiter. This seems like an appropriate blend for a question regarding the home, nest and eggs of some seabirds, but there is no natural relationship between the lord of the hour, Jupiter, the Scorpio ascendant or Mars, who is the ruler thereof. This indicates disturbance, something odd, something not working properly, or maybe even an unhappy ending to the question proposed.
The 6th house is for the birds. Aries on the 6th describes their viciousness. Mars, lord of the 6th, in Pisces, proves them to be seagulls. He is located in the 1st degree of the sign on the cusp of the 4th house and indicates the birds to belong on the threshold of our garden. The seagulls nest is signified by the 9th house of the radical chart, which is the 4th house from the 6th. Venus in Cancer in the 9th says there are eggs in the nest. Venus is also in the 1st degree of the sign she is in, indicating the same as Mars, to be near a border or fence.
Co-significator of the question and ruler of the 9th, the Moon, shows the location of the nest. She is in a southern sign, Virgo, and lies in the direct south in the midheaven. The Moon in Virgo suggests somewhere on low ground. I could find the nest as first because I was expecting to find it lay somewhere between the grass, but our entire garden is flat and lay on low ground, only a few metres above sea level. Tall pine trees run all along the fence of our garden. Then in the evening I saw the nest, up the top of a pine tree lay directly south of where I was standing when I asked the question. The dispositor of the Moon, Mercury, is in a high degree of Gemini and up a tree; Fortuna is in Aquarius; air signs rule high places.
Our friends were surprised to hear about the nest up the tree and said that it probably was an old nest that the Seagulls had found vacant and then taken into use. Unfortunate for the Seagulls, their attacking our cat made us aware of their presence. When I climbed the tree there were two eggs in the nest. When I removed them, the seagulls left the cat alone. It was an unfortunate ending for the seagulls and their eggs, but the eggs were thoroughly enjoyed for breakfast the following day. THE END.

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