"When will train services be resumed? "
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2007
Trainservices were suspended yesterday Nov.28 in Oslo and large areas of southern Norway due to a short circuit and fire at Oslo Central Station at about midnight. Over 140.000 people had to find alternaltive means of transport (Norway has a population of about 5 million people). Through out the day it remained an unknown question when the technical problems could be solved and services resumed.
I cast a horary at 18.06 LST to resolve the question - 'When will train services be resumed?' It is both the day and hour of Mercury, which seems relevant to the question, ie. trainservices and communications. There is no strong relationship between the lord of the hour and the radical ascendant, Cancer, or her lady, the Moon. Something is not working properly. But the ascendant is in the terms of Mercury, and considering his relevance to the question (and his is both lord of hour and day) the chart appears fit to be judged. Regarding the relationship between the lord of the hour and the radical ascendant it is said that Mercury corrupts the Moon and the media has been full of criticism the last 24 hours due to the vulnerability of the system.
I notice that the Moon's North Nodes are on the Midheaven in Pisces, which is appropriate for such a collective issue where people meet and lines cross. Trainservices has to be shut down when the communication systems are down, or else the lines get into a tangle (Pisces) and trains crash.

The question pertains to a matter of the 3rd house: When will train services be resumed? The Sun is lord of the 3rd house and located at 6SG05 (Sagittarius=travel) on the 6th house (public services). The Moon is co-significator of the question and last past over retrograde Mars in Cancer (short circuit and fire). She is 2LE08 and on the cusp of the 2nd house, which indicates the near future. The Moon needs 4 degrees to reach the trine to her dispositor the Sun, which means in 4 hours time. Ivy Goldstein-Jacobsen says that when the Moon has northern latitude matters may proceed faster.

Morning newspapers reported today that the first trains started rolling again at about 21.00 LST yesterday, which is 3 hours after I cast the chart. It must have taken some time to get services into order again, so I view the matter resolved and question answered in a satisfactory manner. THE END

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