Where is Selene's Tricycle ?
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1989
We had forgotten to in the tricycle of our 3 year old daughter, Selene, on the evening of April 2. 1989. Selene had left it at the playground, which is just out of view from our house. When we woke up on the Monday the tricycle was gone. The horary is cast for 10.35 CEST, April 3. 1989, Stavanger, Norway. Latitude 58N58, Longitude 5E45.
The chart is cast for the Day of the Moon and the Hour of Mars. Cancer is on the ascendant. The Lady of the Day rules the Ascendant by Sign. Mars, whom is Lord of the Hour, rules the Ascendant by triplicity and proves the chart to be radical.  Yet, the Lord of the Hour, has his fall on the sign of the ascendant. The Moon and Mars are not friends by their natural powers, hence this question regards a matter of some distress and conflict. Last, note that it is actually Jupiter who is the Almuten of the Ascendant, gathering dignities by both exaltation and triplicity. He is in the same sign as Mars, Lord of the Hour.
The child it ruled by the 5th house. The child's tricycle is ruled by the 6th house, this being the 2nd house from the 5th house and signifying the child's possessions. The cusp of the 6th house is in the first degree of Sagittarius. The Lord of the 6th, Jupiter, is in Gemini and does indeed describe the the tricycle. Jupiter actually rules horses. Neither is he far distant from the Part of Fortune, which is calculated for the 1st degree of Gemini.
The cusp of the 6th in the 1st degree of Sagittarius and Fortuna in the 1st degree of Gemini suggests that the tricycle is on the threshold or on the boundaries of our neighbourhood. However, direction is more safely taken by the position of the Moon. 
The Moon is co-significator of the tricycle. She is in Pisces in the 10th house, an angular house, and may be a token of the tricycle's recovery. It is not far away and should be easily seen. The Moon last past over the body of Saturn joined to Neptune, so the reason for the tricycle  was  initially was set down, left behind and forgotten. Carelessness was the cause of it's disappearance. The 10th house indicates South and not far from home. Pisces may indicate some sort of junction. Since her dispositor, Jupiter, who also bears signification in the question, is in Gemini, it could quite easily be at a place where roads cross. Mars, Lord of the Hour, is in mutual reception with Mercury in Aries. Mercury is the traditional significator of bicycles and tricycles. He is combust and together with Venus, conjunct the Sun.
 The tricycle turned up at 14.16 CEST as I was taking the children for a walk to the shops. We were heading South and just moving out of the area that belongs to the houses in our community. I tell you, we had walked no further than 400 metres and had just come to the place where the roads cross. The tricycle stood parked just outside the house on the courner. The woman who lived there had no idea how it had got there. However, having found the tricycle this left no doubt regarding the meaning of Mercury's conjunction with Venus, combust the Sun. Maybe it was in connection with a beauty parlour, but outside there has a big sign that read 'Solarium!' The end.

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