'The Star of Bethlehem'
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1987
There are many opinions on this matter. I am not out to offend or compete with anyone on a matter of religion and faith. What does seem obvious is that the three wise men described in the Bible were astrologers. Many scientists have attempted to explain the "Star of Bethlehem" and reconstruct the details of Jesus remarkable birth, life and mission. But do these scientists have the astrological know-how of the three wise men What I am presenting is merely hypothetical charts of significant events in the life of Jesus, as I find them described in the bible and the stars according to ancient astrological tradition. I will complete these charts with explainatory texts from 1987 as soon as I get round to rewriting the material. (Mar. 2002)
Hypothetical Birth Chart for Jesus
The Baptism
Jesus on cross yeilds up Ghost
The Resurrestion
The Ascension

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