"Is God Speaking through this Moment?”

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol (c) 1986

Upon the occasion of an experience which I think should be termed as a Spiritual presence, a second party posed the question whether astrology would show a “God entity speaking through that very moment.”. The chart is cast for 21.18 GMT, July 27, 1986, Oslo. It is the Day of the Sun and Hour of Jupiter.

A testimony of the charts significance is given by the Moon and the North Node gathered in Aries in the Ascendant. The Nodes are those points in which the Lights connect. The North Node, giving ascend to the Moon is considered more favourable than its Southern counterpart. It gives rise to new things, gives direction for growth and an upward motion. The moon plays the role of a stepping stone or mediating spirit for those planetary influences or intelligences coming in to Earth. Biblically, the Moon correlates with the Arch-angle Gabriel. The Moon is the swiftest of the planets. The North Node is the starting point of the draconic zodiac. With these situated in Aries, the first sign, and on the ascendant, all the first points have come to a head in first position. The Moon in the North Node in Aries in the first house underlines a strong suggestion of “I am “ present in the moment.



Aries is a sign of short and swift ascension, so that the fixed star Batan Kaitos has just risen. Batan Kaitos is a star of the 3rd magnitude with the qualities of Saturn. It indicates that humility is forced upon people by a higher power and which brings them to their knees.

Neptune is elevated and holds the central scene in the midheaven. Neptune is a significator of those matters belonging to religion and the spiritual. The midheaven is contained by Neptune and Mars, probably implying that our capacity to act in a spiritual sense in the world shall be inspired by idealism, sacrifice and virtue. Mars follows the midheaven and it is the doing that is important. The Bow of the Archer is conjunct the MC. Ebertin-Hoffman report that this fixed star is a promoter of idealistic and humane ideals.

The Ascendant and its ruler, Mars, signifies the querent who is a representative of all living individuals. Mars is exalted in Capricorn on the cusp of the 11th house. Capricorn is Pan, the God of Nature. The exaltation suggests the energy of Mars being at it’s apex and with the potential of being contained and channelled toward causes of respect and achievement. Mars in Capricorn in the 11th house could suggest a receptive piece of nature, a half god, whose mission is to go out and contribute to a brotherhood. Mars is conjunct the Part of Spirit (according to Al Biruni, who reverses by night) which emphasises those abstract glories of the Spirit and Soul.  Not forgetting, Mars is aligned with the Head of the Archer, involving a spiritual emanation that supposively few people are ready to receive.

Jupiter, who is lord of the hour and bears dignity in the ascendant by triplicity, is dignified in the chart, located in his own sign, Pisces, in the 12th house. God, as the Greater Benefic, is in his home in Heaven. His spiritual eminence is accentuated to the incredible in this chart from his alignment with the fixed star Markab. God’s ever-presence is echoed in the chart by Jupiters semi-sextile to the ascendant. The semi-sextile is like holding a dialogue of support but with an indirect participation. From the 12th house this semi-sextile suggests the hidden support and forgiveness offered Mankind. Jupiter’s interception in Pisces in the 12th house shows the God-entity as hidden apart from the world in a place of his own, where he is self-contained and self-sufficient. The 12th house rules large animals, and powers larger than life (contrary to the 6th which rules small creatures). This is to give us an idea of Gods greatness, because God is invisibly large and beyond our comprehension. People often say that if the is a God, then why should there be so much evil in the world. Jupiter is the Preserver, but his location in the 12th house gives evidence to that he does not operate his Greater Good in ways reasoned by Man. Jupiter is intercepted in Pisces, which is a mute sign. In vulgar terms, you never actually see God, or hear Him speak, but he might be liable to communicate through signs, symbols or even angles.



Jupiter is in Heaven, while Venus is in Earth, Virgo. Venus is the true significator of Mankind and Virgo is a humane sign, the fall of Venus. The fall into intercepted Virgo in the 6th house indicates the incarnation of Man and the true smallness and narrowness of the world to which we are committed. Virgo suggests that life should serve to purification, through labour, service and perfection.

Sun in Leo represents the creative and ever-giving Life-force. Pluto is in Scorpio and is the ruler of Death, Destruction and End of Matter. Venus, the incarnated human being, is on the Sun/Pluto midpoint and in a rather frustrating semi-square to both planets. The Sun (creation) is in an exact and forceful square to Pluto (destruction), but the aspect occurs through signs of long ascension which suggests a more reasonable and meaningful plot underlying the clash of opposite forces. Allowing a slightly wider order, Sun and Pluto for a “finger” pointing up towards the focal point of Jupiter in Pisces. Although Jupiter doesn’t fall on the dire midpoint of the Sun and Pluto, the core opposition with Venus provides obvious evidence.

REMEMBER: “One Jove, one Pluto and one Sun is Serapis, the power that disposed the universe into it’s present beautiful order”. The Sun, Jupiter and Pluto are all in their own signs and are the 3 faces of one God. Venus is trapped in the middle of it all, so here we are, Mankind on Earth, and here we must evolve.

This opposition shown between Jupiter and Venus is an almost identical match to the axis shown in the "hypothetical chart of Jesus Christ" , performed by Jupiter, Sun, Pluto and Saturn. Check it out! Our highest object or potential is to integrate the opposition between Jupiter and Venus and become reunited with God.

Uranus ties up in the configuration between Jupiter and Venus, forming a T-square. This offers one of our major keys toward lessons to be learnt. Uranus is in Sagittarius in the 8th house. To me this indicates the free moving spirit, the immortal part of Man which requires greater enlightenment and understanding. Uranus is on the midpoint of Saturn and the Midheaven/ Neptune conjunction. Ebertin says this shows for an occupational crises. There is often emotional shock or mourning with performance, which we experience through the death and separations of the 8th house. Uranus brings about change and detachments. We need to realize that Uranus is like the arrow of the Archer, that flies freely through the air towards it’s target. Sagittarius is the daysign of Jupiter and the homeland of the Preserver. None other than Chiron himself did release the suspended bow!

We need to develop a deeper insight into the nature of death. Man should not fear of letting the Spirit free. Wisdom and insight will give him vision of his Soul Purpose and more easily allow him to realize his genius. With Uranus in the 8th house there is initiation and the element of discovery and uncovering. The abrupt turns that are accompanied with this position are more often than not placed there to make him WAKE UP!



The Sun is contra-parallel to Saturn, demonstrating the opposite forces of light and darkness, or God and Lucifer. Saturn has no essential dignities from were he stands in Sagittarius and is peregrine. Additionally he is conjunct the fixed star Ankrab which Ebertin-Hoffman says shows a doubtful influence the tendency to falsehood and treason. But Sun and Saturn are in trine, which maybe relates to the close relationship once to have existed between God and Lucifer. The trine may certainly indicate how God sometimes may use the lower forces to serve His own cause.

Since the chart is nocturnal, both the Sun and Saturn are in the triplicity of Jupiter. This relates the two planets to the administration of Jupiter. Sun in Leo is a commanding sign, whilst Saturn in Sagittarius is his obeying counterpart. Thus, it follows that good is stronger than evil and darkness must yield to light.

Chiron and hypothetical Bacchus (Transpluto) are in sextile in the chart and are evenly spaced out below the horizon. Here the Ascendant is the meeting point of heaven and earth, and represents the starting point of our journey through the ignorant world. Chiron marks the first coming of Christ, and Bacchus – the second. The two “comings” balance out the darkness between the ascendant and descendant. This favourable sextile between the two planets offers moments of inspiration and perception of universal principles. The sextile offers opportunity, but requires personal recognition and effort in working it out.

The Moon is on the midpoint of Venus and Saturn, and in biquintile to both. This suggests there is a thin path that may be followed where one may obtain refined awareness and gain balance in worldly affairs. Venus signifies us and our attatchment. Saturn is the planet of fall, materialism and nature.

Batan Kaitos is on the Ascendant, but Spica is on the Descendant – and in contrary Sipca had reputation of being the most beneficial fixed star of the celestial sphere. The Ascendant is the starting point of the journey – the Descendant is the destination. With Spica on the far end there is promised protection, preferment and richness to people of even humble origins.

The Moon apples to Mercury, who is retrograde and in Cancer, the sign of the Moon. Mercury is on the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint and carefully opposes the antiscia of Saturn. This gives Mercury a good understanding of the problems and structure of worldly affairs. Mercury is the messenger, but Cancer is a mute sign. The retrograde motion shows he is coming to meet the Moon who will recognize him because he is positioned in her sign. Hence it follows that a suitable messenger will be sent to he or she who seeks. Guidance concerning the diversities of life will be offered and this will lead us through to safety.


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