Dear Reader,
My name is Andrew J. Bevan and I am born on August 6th, 1963 in Rubery, England. 52N23 02W03, 13.10 GMT.
My practice offers personal consultations on basis of the birth chart and horary astrology. I am basically an event-oriented guy as I understand that many psychological conditions stem from tangible events. Tangible events offer a means of working things out and tying it all together. Whilst horary astrology, the answering of questions, is pretty set and predestined as to the outcome of matters, natal astrology - the interpretation of the birthchart - offers an option for personal growth, reorientation and the assessment of free will. As an astrologer I fluctuate between the role of fortuneteller and counsellor. I conceive astrology as a tool to prognosis, which allows one to attain a diagnosis, which leads to an assessment of the most optimal course of action (the cure). I also specialise into financial astrology and mundane or political events.
As an astrologer I hold the Certificate (1981) and the Diploma (1989) DMS Astrol. of the Mayo School of Astrology, and the Diploma (1986) QHP of Olivia Barclay's Qualifying Course of Horary Astrology. My approach is that all professions have their relevant training and certifications. As a professional astrologer I feel I owe this certification both to my customers and my trade. To make anything out of astrology, maybe start a school and certify others, or to forward the establishment of astrology in society, it is essential for me to show such a background; To show that the founding is as waterproof and well structured as possible.


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