Date: Jan 11. 2011, Update Jan 24, Feb 11  - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Snorre A - Platform close to Blow-out on January 11.

Crew evacuated - 3 hours in Lifeboats

A serious gas-leakage discovered at 03.38 CST on January 11 on the Statoil Offshore platform Snorre A, caused rig personnel to be evacuated in the middle of the night and spend 3 hours in rescue crafts until the situation was cleared. The leak was large and the situation serious, said Inga Anda to Production on the platform is suspended until further notice.

The Snorre A-platform lies slightly north of the red circle highlighted in the North Sea that was pointed out should be monitored in conjunction with the Solar eclipse on January 4. This warning was issued at on Dec 28. 2010 - 14 days ahead of the almost accident and North Sea Blow-out.

An article issued in Aftenposten on January 24. addresses the concern for the security on the Gullfaks platforms in the North Sea. 10 letters of concern have been sent to the Statoil leadership regarding unwanted happenings. Comparisons are made to the BP-accident in the Mexicogulf on April 20. 2010, which resulted in the largest oil leakage in history. 'Only coincidences prevented the incident in the North Sea from developing to a major accident', the PSA (Petroleumstilsyn) said.

A new incident was registered on Gullfaks A on the morning of Feb 10. where there for about half an hour was the danger of an explosion. The event that occurred at 03.25 CST caused personnel to be aroused and were gathered in the eating hall in case of an evacuation, Aftenposten reports.


Astro*Cartography chart for the Solar Eclipse of January 4. 2011 - Europe


From Dec 28: '"The planet Mars is on the Ascendant for an area that goes directly above Oil Instillations in the North Sea and any hazard that carries the potential of a fire or Blow-Out should be double checked."


Astro*Cartography of the Solar Eclipse for Northern Europe

A new map cast for Britain, the North Sea and Scandinavian Coastlines shows how the Snorre A platform is located just north of the line for where the Solar eclipse was rising and on the Ascendant. The January Solar Eclipse occurred on the midpoint of the lines of Mars (below) and Pluto (above). Both these lines are potent to matters of oil and energy. 

Comparisons should be made with the Astro*Cartography Chart for the Iran Air Plane Crash on January 9. where the aircraft came down exactly below the point where the very same eclipse was located in the South. It is also worth looking how these same planetary factors have been involved in the tension occurring in the Korean peninsula over the last few months.

Source: VG, Aftenbladet