The Sinking of Titanic

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2012


 This article is presented in the form it was sent to Oliva Barclay in 1985, submitted as an answer to Session 10. of the original Q.H.P, Qualifying Course in Horary Astrology. Olivia's reponse to the submission was: "This is terrific! PLEASE PUBLISH IT!" I have reproduced the article and included Barclay witty comments!

1. " Why  do you think the Titanic sank?"
"Somebody said it hit an iceberg."
The Chart of the Collision cast in the old form - Andrew Bevan
Work Form provided by Olivia Barclay:
The Submitted Answer: 
First, concerning the graph paper privided: In the chart of the first launcing 31/5-1911, Uranus is supposed to be in Capricorn (Although I would admit it would look great with a grand trine in water!) [Olivia's comment: Correct, thank you!]

Next, the lunation shown preceeding departure 10/4-1912 is not the preceeding syzygy. This is the New Moon on 18/3-1912. Although I grant tat the New Moon will whow the most important indications for a coming months, there is a Full Moon on 1/4-1912. This is the preceeding syzygy but is not mentioned at all. This Full Moon is actually an Eclipse, too. [Olivia's comment: Devore gives Syzygy as a yoking together applied to any conj. or opp. (of Sun or Moon I always assumed.)]

Concerning the figure given for the departure chart, Venus is situated 2724' Pisces - it's position has been omitted. Also Mercury is retrograde. [Olivia: Correct, thank you!]

The Launching
Mars holds one of the key points in this chart. It is conjunct the fixed star Sheat, which according to Ebertin has to do with accidents, floods and shipwrecks. The Moon is conjunct Procyon, which according to tradition shows some sort of impuliveness. It shows riches, but then some possible fall from a high position. Moon is in water. The Moon also applies in a dexter trime to Mars.

The Sun is alligned with Alderbaran. It may show shipwreck if connected with Saturn. The Sun is disposed by Mercury who is within the moiety of Saturn. The malefic condition may be better understood by checking the preceeding syzygy. This occurred with the New Moon in 548' Gemini. The new Moon is disposed by Mercury, who is applying by conjunction with Saturn.

The fixed star Mizar has just ascended. Although not directly in bodily contact with a malefic planet, the sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which again brings us back to the connection with Saturn.

 New Moon 18/3-1912
This occurred 2757' Pisces. From this contact both Sun and Moon are "adrift". The moon is making it's last aspect before leaving Pisces, and so is the Sun. At the moment of the New Moon the alliggmnet of the Sun and Moon is exact - they are one - therefore both Luminaries are lost, or void, so to say. [Olivia's comment: This is brilliant!]

At this point I must include a comment that Morrison has sent me on the Void of Course phenomena; [O.B: How annoying.] 

"-The Sun and the planets can never be void of course. [O.B: Yes they can.] void of course is a technical term reserved for the Moon in Horary and Elective astrology, only, nowhere else. [O.B: 'x'] If the Sun lacks an aspect, one simply says so, and takes into account this situation. If a planet lacks an aspect it is called peregrine. ['x'] That is the meaning of the word. ['x'] The Moon can never been peregrine." ['x'] 

He was quite firm about this, althoug I have seen lilly and other authors use planets as VOC. Would you like to comment? [Olivia Barclay: Yes. ALL WRONG. Yes. I disagree with Al Morrison and have told him so. 'Aspect' is nothing to do with 'peregrine' Lilly is quite clear. Denis Labourne is an historian who at first disagreed with me, then wrote to say he had investigated furter back and he agrees with me.] 

The Sun and Moon 2757' Pisces is also within 1 of orb of the fixed star Sheat. Such lunations are so powerful that orbs can even be increaded. The Lunation is conjunct Mars in the Launching Chart. ['!!! Andrew !!] 

It may be of some interest to note that the distance between the Lunation and Sheat is 46', which at the rate of 1 a month can be converted to 22,5 days. This is the time the Lunation will "wait" till reaching the exact position of Sheat. This will bring us to the 10/4-1912, which is the day the Titanic departed (- and also within the week it sank.) ['!!'] [O.B: This is Super!] 

The Syzygy preceeding departure - Full Moon 1/4-1912 ECLIPSE
This Full Moon occurred 1149' Libra. It is disposed by Venus. [Yes! Ruler of Eclipse] Venus is square stationary Jupiter. [Jupiter R] Neptune is also stationary on this very same day [Neptune st to D.] Venus si disposed by Jupiter or Neptune, it doesn't matter which way you look at it. ['St to R is worse.] (You don't often have a choice of stationary planets ruling the same sign!)

Jupiter is in it's own sign, Sagittarius, squaring the Ascendant of the launching chart. Neptune is stationary in the water sign Cancer, conjunct Venus in the launching chart. Don't forget the importance of Venus, because in the callision chart Libra is on the Midheaven [O.B: ...because it ruled the previous eclipse.] 

The Full Moon applies by sextile to the sationary Jupiter. Jupiter is in Sagittarius, having to do with long distance travel [Venus to sextile Saturn in Taurus. The antiscium of Venus falls at 13LI30 conj Moon. The contratiscium of Venus falls of course conj Sun, 1 1/2 away.] 

The Departure Chart
The Moon is Void of Course showing the issue. Venus, ruler of the preceeding syzygy, has reached 2724' Pisces. ['! Yes.'] The Part of Fortune in this chart is in Taurus (Venus ruled) and is alligned with Saturn. The Moon is square Mercury's station position made on the 5/4-1912.
The Collision Chart
Venus now rules the Midheaven, but is herself detrimented in Aries. Aries having to do with collision. ['This is a bit weak after all the strong stuff.' The 'equipollent' degree of Venus is 27 Pisces. (As antisium but 0AR, 0LI).]

The MC in libra is but 3 degrees seperated from, but applying to the position of the preceeding syzygy - the Full Moon in Libra. At the time of the collision, the transitting Moon is in those crucial degrees of Pisces. It is applying to the square with Pluto. 

When the Titanic sank it must have been Void of Course, and if you ignore the outer planets it would have been Void of Course ant the time it collided. Also, Pluto was not yet discovered.

At the time the Titanic sank, the moon was exact of the Venus of the departure chart. ['!']

Apart from the iceberg, this is why it sank.

[Olivia Barclay's comment to the original paper: "I am sorry I have scribbled all over it - do you have another typed copy without my scribble? Best wishes - Olivia.]

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