Students section - Selected Articles
Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Trains come to Halt in Norway
Solar Eclipse of 15 January Plays its Tricks
15 ton Boulder Crashes down on Highway
Train Wagons Crash as 16 Thunder into Oslo City
Extreme Weather - Channel Tunnel traps 2000
'The World' - in Dubai
The World's Tallest Building - 'The Burj Khalifa'
The World's First  Osmotic Power Plant
Submarine Celebrates 100yrs in Norway
Airbus A380 makes Maiden Flight
The Ugly Truth
The Ultimate Xmas Gift
Mercury gets the sack due to Red Light failure
A Mercury Wedding
Norwegian NRK launches Super Channel
Intercepted in a Radio Studio
100m World Record 9,58 seconds
Who gets the Summer Olympics 2016?
Holy Wotan!
Woman gives birth after embryo mix-up
Pleiades - The Lamp of Aladdin