- The Ugly Truth -

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2009

The Ugly Truth
Our local cinema at Sandvika is laid out like a planetarium with bridges that lead to 8 different theatres that bear names after the 8 planets Mercury, Venus, Tellus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It's cool!
Today Mercury was stationary at 15.15 CST. We had bought tickets to see 'The Ugly Truth, being shown at Neptune at 18.30 CST, but as 15 Pisces was on the ascendant nothing happened. The cinema had forgotten to send a technician (Mercury) to start the film.
Having Neptune rising in my chart I volentered to go down to the woman collecting tickets at the bottom of the gangway and inform her of the problem. She immediately closed off the entrance and went to get help, but while I was stood there guarding her post other cinema guests came up to the entrance and impatiently wanted to get past. I was explaining them the problem and one woman was furious because she was already late for her film. I said: "Please wait for the attendant, don't blame me". The woman said: "Oh yes I can! " 

I guess should have shredded her ticket while I had the chance... 

Eventually I made my way back to my seat on planet Neptune where I sat in the fog with the rest of the audience for another 15 minutes. No attendant and short ascension, Aries was soon on the ascendant. As the Sun at 6LI was on the descendant at 18.50 CST (Pluto has just culminated) and the antiscia of stationary Mercury was on the horizon at 18.52 CST it was obvious that there was full action back in the projector room. At 18.54 CST and Asc. 10AR41 we were up and running.
15 Pisces is the degree of Mercury's fall. So with Mercury stationary and our planetary theatre being Neptune, the absence of the technician was the 'Ugly Truth'. Apart from that - great comedy - and we had a terrific evening. I hope the woman who went to see the film at 'Mercury' suffered the consequences.

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