Lunar Eclipse of December 21. 2010

Korean Conflict, London in Protest, Earthquakes in Ridge South East of Japan


Astro*Cartography Chart for Lunar Eclipse of Dec 21. 2010

The Astro*Cartography Chart highlights areas of qualitative stress in the period before and after the lunar eclipse. While events quite frequently peak or surface close to the eclipse date, eclipses also behave like Mountains in the Time and Space landscape that may cast their shadows either forwards or backwards in time. The highlights of an eclipse chart should compared with tensions that appear in other charts and configurations.


Zooming in on particular areas, notice how the eclipsed Moon is on the ascendant of Korea,
and JU/UR is on the Midheavan of the East Coast of Japan.

South Korea launched an armed military exercise on the Island of Yeonpyeong on the eve of December 21. Then there was a 7,4 Richter scale Earthquake on the Japanese ridge at 17:19: GMT, 25N52, 143E44, less than 12 house after the Lunar Eclipse. The Earthquake occurred under the VERY SAME MINUTE OF ARC as culminating Uranus. The epicenter his highlighted in the lower right corner of the map.


Britain and Central Europe:
The lunar eclipse occured along the horizon of Britain, too.

The eclipsed Moon in 30 Gemini sets in London (London is ruled by Gemini). When an eclipse or lunation occurs in the 30th degree of a sign, a certain rally or movement often comes to the end of its thread. It is a long time since there has been seen such a stir and unrest on the streets of London, with young people (Gemini) protesting against the new tax/toll policies imposed on higher education (Sagittarius).  Newspapers also report that the (Gemini) coalition between the Conservative Party lead by Prime Minister David Cameron and Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, also has come close to a point of exhaustion. Prince Charles and Camilla's car (Gemini) was attacked on their way to a Royal variety show.