Date: Dec 28. 2010 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Solar Eclipse on January 4. 2011

Global Charts show tension Areas


Astro*Cartography Chart for Partial Solar Eclipse of Jan 4. 2011

The Global Astro*Cartography Chart shows how the planets are either on the Upper or Lower Midheaven at the time of the Solar Eclipse (New Moon), and whether the planets are rising in the Eastern horizon or setting in the West. This determines areas that are highlighted and due to qualitative tensions in accord with the nature of the planet and angle.

The Astro*Cartography Chart showing Asia in specific

The Astro*Cartography of the Solar Eclipse of January 4. 2011 cast for Asia shows interesting features. First, Mars is on the Descendant and setting in the East of the Korean peninsula. Mars is due to keep military tension on a high in this area. Unfortunately, Mars in the East will tend to be trigger-happy with some sort of unexpected warrior aggression. This could easily offset a delicate balance and diplomatic efforts will have to be maintained on a high level to avoid matters getting entirely out of hand.

The alignment of Jupiter and Uranus that was on the Midheaven just East of the coast of Japan during the lunar eclipse on Dec 21. 2010 (and that occurred with a 7,4 Richter Earthquake) is now on the Upper Meridian of the Philippines. Seismic activity should carefully be monitored in this area.

There are two more areas that might be kept an eye on; The first one is where Mars appears on the Upper Meridian of the Great Circle that goes directly above Tehran. Leaders may be either powering up or adding to global controversy. The second area is where the Solar Eclipse appears directly in the South, and this line goes directly through the Capital of Iraq, Baghdad.


The Astro*Cartography Chart for Europe

The Solar Eclipse of Jan 4. 2011 seems to be hitting several areas that depending upon political balance particularly hard. The planet Pluto, that represents underground activity, military offences and terrorist actions, is on the Upper Midheaven of a line that goes disturbingly close to the Middle East. The planet Mars is on the Ascendant for an area that goes directly above Oil Instillations in the North Sea and any hazard that carries the potential of a fire or Blow-Out should be double checked. As we can see, the Eclipse is directly on the Eastern horizon on a line that goes through Ireland. These people have already been thrown into the deep of a financial turmoil. There is the need to look for collective solutions to avoid the dissatisfaction coming to a new peak.