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Astrology for the Business
Company Chart
Companies have had various motives for wanting their consitutional chart, or a diagram for the moment of first business, to be cast. In some instances management simply wanted the chart as a decoration, something that could hang on the wall and serve as a curiosity and topic of coincidental conversation whenever visits were paid the company or guests were hosted. Other managers have wanted to know whether the qualities of the moment were in agreement with the company profile and market concept.
Business Meetings
Executives have applied astrology prior to important meetings to get an overview of potential responses, the intentions, interest and resources of the opposite party. I had lawyers consult me regarding the appearance of specific cases. By charting difficulties and potentials in advance it was easier to approach the meeting with a strategy that promoted the desired outcome and result. In some instances the time of an important meetings was carefully selected and fixed in advance with the purpose of avoiding trouble and to promote a prosperous agreement between parties.
In Conference
Astrology was used as a conference element to see how participants would respond to a different way of thinking. New approaches lead to new perspectives. Focus may be put on the aspect of entertainment, market orientation, individual potential or team composition.
Advertisement & Marketing
For a project to succeed, perfect timing means everything. To sell well, your product presentation should have the ability to seduce consumers - rather than drown them with detail. Astrology is a symbol language that can reveal a "brand name" that embraces both concept and approach. Astrology comes quite useful in processes that require creative brain-storming.
Commercial value
Astrology sells and the examples are many. It is used to sell daily newspapers and weekly magazines. The Norwegain Telenor used astrology to market the introduction of new payphone services. We find various products, telephones and boats that bear brand names like "Gemini", "Jupiter", "Zodiac" etc. At the Sandvika Cinema near Oslo, the theme of planets in the sky is used to create a pleasant and unique interior atmosphere.