Difficulties in getting access to birth time data

Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1984-2011

This document is of historical interest and illustrates the official scepticism to astrology in the 80's. In the 80's a lot of people were looking to have their birth charts cast for the first time and were contacting hospitals for access to their medical records. According to Norwegian Law, the patient has the right to access to his or her medical journal, LL 46, and this journal shall be preserved until at least 10 years after the death of the patient, KR 3. However, these inquiries seem to have been taxing the hospital staff, who obviously held reservations against the value of information revealing in the birth diagram.

The document below is from the Governmental Health Directorate of Norway, signed by the Health Director himself and also a second executive officer. The letter states that 'in spite' of LL 46 and KR 3, the Health Directorate states that the desire to study one's birth chart is not consistent with the purpose of those paragraphs found in the law, and believe that the patient's request to gain access to knowledge of one's accurate time of birth was in excess of what the patient should be able to demand, as stated in LL 46.

Although understanding the demands of running a hospital, I was astounded to discover how sceptics of astrology could take the law in their own hands and through an example like this, simply change it around to suit with their own personal convictions. A conviction of this kind also assumes that there is no value or gain to be found within the astrological, neither on a physiological, medical or psychological level.