Astrologer Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.

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Astrology's role in the Polar expeditions of Børge Ousland

'Letter from Norway's Minister of Culture - 1995, 2007'

New* Correspondence with Official Administrations 1984-2008

Astrolog setter preg på Værkartet

'Stjernene forteller om du er en god Sjef '

'Få ditt horoskop tolket'

Astrology as a field of Work and Research

A presentation of my background

Some of my Philosophies.

Recommended Books



Data and Charts

Special material on technique

Summertime / Daylight Saving Tables for Norway

The Age Point Technique

Chart of Norway, Royal Family, Prime Ministers, etc

Predicting Earthquakes

Prominent Personalities of Norway

Pleiades - The Lamp of Aladdin

The Discovery of the Outer Planets

The Via Combust and the Gift Box

10th Planet was discovered

Astrology in Extreme Latitudes, North of Arctic Circle

Hypothetical charts: Stars of Bethlehem

Students section:   Horary Astrology

The World's Tallest Building - 'The Burj Khalifa'

Students section: Football Prediction

Students section: Ingress charts & Eclipses

Students section -  Selected Articles

The Sinking of the Titanic

Articles & other documentation;

The Planetary Glyphs; Their Symbols and their Meaning

The Seven Days of Creation & fundamental order

The Planetary Exaltations - their Signs and Degrees

Planetary Hours and Radical Charts; How to cast judgment

Understanding the Aspects of Long and Short Ascension, Sinister and Dexter

Essential dignities; Major and Minor- Their meaning and receptions

Government officials corrupt right to access accurate birth time (1984)

Serapis - The Configuration of the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto

-archive photo 1994 -

The Spirit, Time. Space, Nothing and Everything

Thoughts on the Dragon


                                Selected Articles;  


Article: A Brawl at the Night Club "Saturn"

Child born in helicopter at 230 km/h

Trine thro' signs of short asc. gave aviation tragedy at "Torghatten"

Horary: Who will win the World Cup in Football? (1986)

Horary: Who will win the World Cup in Football? (2006)

Charts concerning Key Figures of the Financial Markets

-September, 2008 -



Articles in Norwegian: "Klammeri på Saturn - tragedie i Sandnes"

"Skapelsesberetningen og den Grunnleggende Orden"

"Om Planetenes Symboler - deres oppbygning"

- Hva er en 'ugyldig Måne, og hvordan bruke den?

Om de kongelige 1997-2000'