Spirit, Soul and Dragon


The Spirit is a product of the reaction between a Raw Energy Material (like a Sugar)
and a Yeast (Yeast, East, Easter), that is a dark digestive body that is in opposite to
the energy material, and is in a vacuum and which seeks a state of saturation.
The Spirit is the essence of a vapour, or energy field. The latter envelopes the essence
as to give it a static yet an anti-material body. This body is like the sea of the Soul, which
possesses character and quality in the same way that a wine is flavoured by fruit, quality
of earth, production and storage.
The Spirit is like the proton of an atom. The Soul is like the electron that envelopes the Spirit.
The Dragon is the mythological fire-breathing creature, that bears soul sparks from
the flame of creation. The Dragon or Serpent is a symbol of the human DNA.
The Serpentdragon travels the Soul body. The Dragonship travels the sea of vapour that
embodies the Spirit, the core essence. It is the Dragonship who is the scout that goes
on a tour of inspection and investigation. The Dragons head shows where new learning
appears to ascend. In the wake of the tail is the maelstrom of the past.
The Dragonship has to seek out experience, define the boundaries. It is everywhere,
but is really going nowhere and does nothing. The Spirit is unmoved.
The illusion of incarnation and moving through incarnations, is caused by the travel
of the Soul-ship along the waterline of vapour that envelopes the Spirit. The travel causes
the alternate appearance and submerge and the apparent separation and disconnection
of the Serpentdragons head and tail. Light - may travel as a particle or a wave.
The significance of the Dragon is its control over the destiny of Mankind. In Christian 
tradition it is the Snake/Serpent that lures Eve to tempt Adam with the apple. Astronomically, 
the lure of the Dragon will occasionally eat away at the light of Day or Night, during
which - either the total eclipse of the Sun or the Moon - the fire of the Dragon becomes
visible. Eclipses used to portend fear in the heart of man. Thus the Dragon is the natural
enemy of Man, and the death of the Dragon becomes the ultimate goal.

  (c) Andrew J. Bevan, Dec. 20, 2005