in FOOTBALL 2006?

By Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.


"Who will win the World Cup 2006?" The question was posed by a participant on a Norwegian internet-chat, Stockchat Norway, driven towards tracking Stockmarket developments. However, the question was so correctly framed and posed in a manner of current validity that I sensed it to be the moment of a horary question. The chart is cast for 10.10, LST, or 08.10 GMT, June 06. 2006, Oslo 59N55 10E45.

The querent, a member of an Internet chat-community, is signified by the Leo Ascendant and it's ruler, which is the Sun and located in Gemini on the cusp of the 11th house. This describes the querent perfectly, the significator in Gemini on the 11th, representing the discussion group. The Moon, who is lady of the hour, applies to the lord of the ascendant by trine, hence the chart is radical and fit to be judged.


In all questions regarding matters of competition give primary attention to the degree and the sign on the ascendant, which the natural point of exaltation and self-exertion in the chart. Note that in the discovery charts of the Outer Planets, the sign to be appointed to the exaltation of the planet is in the ascendant in every instance.

The ascendant is in 21 degrees of Leo, which also is the antiscia of Venus, who is elevated and dignified in the 10th house in her natural sign, Taurus. Leo on the ascendant represents Italy or France. While my personal wishes lay with England or Germany, which both are represented by Aries - I could in no way find Aries or its ruler, Mars, fortified and in the foreground of the chart. It would also be according to my experience to find the Moons location in the opposite sign, Libra, to represent hindrance for the success of Aries. The chart says that Leo will win! It is now a known fact that Italy and France met in the final and that Italy won the World Cup on a penalty kick-out. The result is a remarkable prediction on part of astrology, because neither Italy or France were among the favourites at the start of the tournament and many expected teams like Argentina, Brazil, England or Germany to hold the places in the final. Why Italy won over France? I did not set out to resolve this question at the time it occurred. Maybe the answer is described by the position of Venus, who gives virtue to the ascendant and is located in an Earth sign. The Earth signs indicated the South - and Italy lies further south than France. The End. 

Andrew J. Bevan (c) 2006