Letter from the The Minister of The Norwegian Royal Government Office of Culture

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The Royal Government Office of Culture, The Minister


Regarding the convey of Astrology - date Jan. 30.1995

Thank you for your letter of Dec.2.1994. Those problems of approach that you make clear in your letter are very interesting. I find your criticism of societies regard of scientific astrology and the lack of appreciation for the work being done, to be thought-provoking.

There does obviously lie a lot of culture in the astrological tradition. All the same, this sphere of study does clearly fall outside the frames of what we are occupied with here at the Government Office of Culture. Your activity does first and foremost seem to be related to research and educational pursuits. I therefore advise you to look into those possibilities for financial contribution that may be found within this area.

Good luck with your further efforts.

Signed, Minister Åse Kleveland

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