by: Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 1992
This article was first time published in "The Mountain Astrologer", USA, Aug/Sep 1993; then republished in No.4, 1994 of "Astrologisk Forum", Norway; to reappear a third time in the "Astrological Journal", Great Britain", Sept/Oct 1995.


On December 6, 1992 police in Norway arrested a 26-year old man, charging him with assault leading to death. A doorman at the Nightclub Saturn, in the basement of Hotel Sverre, died Saturday night after a brawl with the young man. Police received a first report of trouble at 1.15 a.m., stating that the doorman at Saturn was having difficulty with one of the guests. The police sent out a patrol of two men who met the 39-year-old doorman, Jan Mikalsen, outside the hotel. Mikalsen pointed out the troublesome guest, who also had come outside. As far as police understood, the guest had been sleeping within the premises and was asked to leave. It was at this point the guest got into a brawl with the doorman. But what actually happened when the two left the nightclub and went up the stairs to the hotel entrance remains unclear. The doorman had no visual marks of a fight. The guest was heavily intoxicated but police had no grounds to claim that he had shown extreme violence upon being thrown out. At 1.35 a.m. the police received a second call from Saturn reporting that the doorman had collapsed; Mikalsen died shortly after.





Night watchmen are ruled by Saturn, and with the death (Saturn) of the doorman (Saturn) at the Night Club Saturn on Saturday night, even you might feel like casting a ring or two round THIS planet. I cast an event chart for a case study and opinion regarding the cause of death. Mikalsen collapsed shortly before the police received the second telephone call, so I erected the chart for 1.30 a.m.

In this chart Saturn is in its sign of rulership, Aquarius, in the 5th house of public amusements. The planet is neatly placed on the ASC/MC midpoint, but stressing both angles with an inharminious sesquiquadrate aspect. The sesquiquadrate often indicates things getting out of hand or being imposed upon by unrecognisable outer circumstances.

The Ascendant was in the 29th degree of Virgo and on the threshold of a sign. This seemed to describe the doorman, so I examined the first house and took both Mercury and Venus as his significators. Mercury rules Virgo, which is on the ascendant; while Venus rules Libra - which fills the most of the 1st house. Besides, a doorman has two faces - one looking outwards onto the street and one looking inwards on events in the nightclub. It struck me that the doormans first name, Jan, relates to the double-headed god Janus who is the ruler of doors. As the reader might know, the month January receives its name from this god, hence marking the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new. This occurs at the time of the year where Saturn, once again, has its two heads, or rather, rulerships in Capricorn and Aquarius.

I could see that Mercury was in the 3rd house, separating from an exact conjunction with Pluto. Mercury shows him as the person who holds the keys. He is responsible for keeping trouble OUT (Scorpio) of the nightclub, removing people if necessary (Pluto), and contacting and reporting to police (Mercury, Pluto, Scorpio, 3rd house) whenever required. Mikalsen had no permanent employment at nightclub (Jack-of-all-trades-Mercury), but the job provided a means of extra income. However, Pluto is the keeper of the dead, and Mercurys alignment with Pluto suggests Mikalsen recently encountered an experience of death or execution.

Venus is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn in the 4rth house. This shows the doorman function of keeping peace within the premises. The earth signs rule low places, as do water signs like Scorpio - with reference to Mercurys location in Scorpio. But then it was also true that the nightclub lay in the basement of the Hotel Sverre. Although "Sverre" is a common Norwegian male name, I might mention that the Norwegian word "dessverre" means "unfortunately", and that "verre" means "worse!!" I mean, how bad can things really get!!

Much worse.. You'll notice that Venus is applying to the exaltation degree of Mars at 28 Capricorn, showing Jan getting involved in trouble at Saturn bellow Sverres Hotel. Mars, the ruler of the 8th, is culminating in the chart, closely joined to the very degree of his fall (28 Cancer) and retrograding to perfect his opposition to Venus.

The Moon, co-ruling the 10th, is the co-significator of the event, and from Aries in the 8th house of death, she will translate the light from Venus to Mars and complete an already tight T-square. There is a mutual reception between the Moon and Mars (viz. Aries-Cancer), but she gains no benefit from his debilitated state. Mutual reception offers no advantages when the planets are poorly placed. - Mars is also the Moons natural enemy. More than anything else, this reception only accentuates the fatal attachments to the 8th.

The guest is signified by the 7th house. Pisces on the cusp describes his drunken state, and the 29th degree aligns with the fixed star Scheat, making it angular in the chart opposing the Asc and squaring the MC/IC axis. Scheat has a pretty lousy reputation, is of a Saturnian nature, and often drags people into catastrophes. The police probably threw the 26 year old into prison on looks alone!!

The natural ruler of Pisces and Aries, Jupiter and Mars, must be studied. As co-rulers of the 7th, they are indicators of the guest. The Martian chart contacts from the 10th shows the guest getting into a public commotion and brawl with the doorman. Trouble must have commenced as the Moons South Node culminated at about 1.05 a.m. Mars in Cancer makes emotions and defensive instincts run high; with Mars intercepted the guest probably felt "boxed-in", but Mars in his correct halb reduces his evil intentions. His Piscean intoxication probably left the guest quite out of balance; Jupiter in Libra. But Jupiter is in a peaceful sign, sometimes known as Lazy Libra, or the sign of rest. To press the point the guest had also been sleeping. Jupiter is in his own face, (Jupiter is not in his face, but does have a face in Libra), signifying someone at the point of being turned out but who makes effort to stay in dignity. Since Jupiter is in the 1st house of the doorman and in his own hayiz, and in a fortunate sign, disposing the Sun and the Northern Node, all this lead me to favour the position and judge that the guest would not have damaged Mikalsen.

The Moon is also lady of the planetary hour. She relates to the Virgo Ascendant by triplicity, proving the chart radical. This combination will generally provide protection or an order of affairs, as would be the case if the 26 year old did not commit the assault. Notice that Virgo rules health and the lady of the hour, the Moon, rules the body functions. The Ascendant is close the degree of Venus' fall at 27 Virgo (I give a 2-3 degrees orb for such sensitive points), so the doorman was definitely taken unwell. The ruler of Libra in Capricorn in the 4rth signifies his collapse or fall.

The doormans surname, Mikalsen, is derived from Michael and the Sun. The Sun rules the heart. The Sun is in its depth of darkness, still within the hour of midnight. On the antiscia of Uranus, this indicates an unexpected event or change of rhythm relevant to the total issue. (The Sun will always set the scene!) The chart has death written all over it, but I was sure that the 26-year-old was not responsible for Mikalsens death.

On Monday the autopsy report was received from medical experts and it was proven that Mikalsen had died from a heart attack. R.E.Bills - The Rulership Book (Macoy Publishing) gives irregularities of the heart to both Sun, Leo and Aquarius. (Aquarius because of its opposite position to Leo). Note Saturn in Aquarius on the Asc/MC midpoint, and that cramps belong to Saturn. The charges of assault were dropped and remaining complaints against the 26 year old man were now of a complete different character.