Trains come to Halt - Nationwide Norway

by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2010

Train traffic paralyzed 
ALL train traffic was shut down ALL over Norway for 3 hours just after 18.30 CST on 29. March 2010 as communication systems failed and train drivers were put in the blind. The Norwegian National Rail (NSB) was bought to its knees for the second time in one week. The chart is cast for Oslo.
Mercury is not far off the fixed star Batan Kaitos at 21AR57 as the NSB was bought to its knees for the second time in one week. This time it was the communications network that failed and the prevented train driver to communicate with each other. As the system went down all trains ALL OVER NORWAY were halted immediately. The short circuit occurred as Uranus hit the  descendant. Without the possibility of communication all train traffic had to be shut down as trains were blinded. With Uranus on the Western horizon anything but a safe journey to a chosen destination could be provided.

The Moon is in the 1st house with Saturn and stuck in the middle of the violent T-square with Pluto and the Sun. Parking ALL trains must have come as a big frustration for many travelers, but at least disaster was avoided. The fault was located just after 20.00 CST, but not corrected until after 21.00 hrs. Traffic was resumed at 21.15 CST as Mars culminated and Mercury was on the descendant in the west.

The criticism against the NSB has been strong over the recent months due to numerous delays through the winter season. It is difficult to know where this is heading, but according to solar arc directions Mercury in the National Chart of Norway is in March 2010 directed to  8VI15. With the radix ascendant of Norway being located at 8VI48, a major reorganizing with a new direction of new standards may be expected in the 7 months to come. 

Source: VG, Dagbladet

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