Date: Feb 19. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
Demonstrators move to seize power in Libya 
It started with the mass demonstrations in Egypt in the end of January. Then South Sudan voted for independence on February 7. (Source: Aftenposten). Back in Egypt  vice-president Omar Suleiman announced that Hosni Mubarak had withdrawn as president on February 11. (Source: Aftenposten). On February 15. demonstrations spread in Libya and on February 18. Gadaffi's sons are reported to have left the country as demonstrators are reported to take control of central areas. The internet has been shut down and Security police are reported to have killed at least 84 civilians. (Source: Aftenposten)

Astro*Cartography Chart for New Moon of February 3. 2011

In the Astro*Cartography Chart of the New Moon February 3. it was shown how the planetary lines of planets Pluto and Saturn intersected on the border of Egypt, Libya and Sudan. On January 24. I had shown how these same crossing lines in the Solar Eclipse chart of January 4. related to the terrorist bombing of Moscow Airport. (Link). The example was to demonstrate how tensions in one chart may surface in a new area in a following lunation.


Astro*Cartography chart of the New Moon, February 3. 2011 - Africa


In the entry of January 27. it was specifically mentioned how the configuration may not only have relevance for Egypt, but for the entire region involving LIBYA and SUDAN (Link)