Posted; April 8. 2011; Last Update:  April 9. - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.

7,1 Richer Afterquake hits Japan

An Afterquake measuring 7,1 Richter occurred the East coast of Japan on Thursday 7. April 2011. This is 27 days after the 8,8 Richer Earthquake that shook the nation on March 11. and 108 days since the Lunar Eclipse of December 21. 2010 with the initial 7,4 Richter Earthquake. Lets look at some charts and then summarize. Here is the technical data from the USGS:

Geographic coordinates: 38.253N, 141.639E
Magnitude: 7.1 M Depth: 49 km
Universal Time (UTC): 7 Apr 2011 14:32:41
Time near the Epicenter: 7 Apr 2011 23:32:41

Starting with the post of March 14. 2011 that estimated that the most likely time for a significant afterquake was when the Moon reached a 90 aspect to the position it held in the 'Mother' chart. This would occur as the Moon entered the tropical sign of Virgo in the late hours of March 17 (March 18. local time), although there were sensitive degrees that the Moon would pass through earlier in the day. A rise of seismic activity was registered, although no potentially 'fatal' 7+ Richter earthquake occurred.
The time to be monitored for significant alterations in the pattern of afterquakes would be in the time window between 00-04 GMT on March 17., at which time the Moon would be transiting through sensitive degrees and that also relate to the rational horizon (ascendant) at the time of the mother earthquake on March 11., or later into the day at close to 21.00 hrs GMT, March 17., when the Moon came in a natural square and 90 angle to her position held in the mother chart
The 8,8 Richter Earthquake of March 11: 
Comparing the charts of March 11. and April 7. it can be seen that the Moon did not moved 90 as according to my prediction, but 360 and did in fact completed a sidereal cycle and come back to its location in the 'Mother' chart. This is significant. Keeping your eye on the chart for April 7. the Moon retains its tight sextile to the planet Uranus and is also semi-square to Jupiter, who is on the lower Midheaven. The latter is interesting because only a few days earlier we had the New Moon of April 3. aligned with Jupiter on the very same meridian and in the North of that region. And Saturn is poised in the South. [ Troubles continue to Weigh Heavy on Japan. ]
Astro*Cartography for the New Moon, April 3. 2011.
While comparing these charts, then take a look at the chart for the 8,8 Richter Earthquake that hit Chile on February 27. 2010. This chart has Saturn on the Midheaven identical to the chart for the Honshu Afterquake of April 7. 2011. In both charts we also find the Moon's North node in the ascendant - and the Sun is joined to Jupiter in both cases.
8,8 Richter Earthquake hits Coast of Chile on Feb 27. 2010
For more material on this earthquake: 'Haiti and Chile connected, Afterquakes predicted'
Regarding the complete series and family of earthquakes unfolding from the Lunar Eclipse of December 21.2010:
The afterquakes that occurred on March 22. and 11 days after the 'mother' earthquake, were a little bit unexpected but appear to be justified according to a different set of mathematics; Starting with the lunar eclipse on Dec 21.2010 and the initial 7,4 Richter earthquake, the 'rough' calculation for finding the date of the 8,8 Richter earthquake is 29,53 days (a synodic month) x 2,618 (a fibonacci mulitiple) = 77 days, which is close but not exact with the 79-80 days separating the initial and following major earthquake. However, 29,53 days x 3,618 is exactly 107 days and this perfectly agrees with the afterquake of April 7. - The afterquakes occurring on March 22. are derived by the formula 29,53 days divided by 2,618 = 11 days.

I do have work regarding the potential of another major earthquake occurring close to April 25. This is based upon a 45 day progression from March 11. The time interval from April 7. to April 25. counts 18 days, which is 29,53 days x 0.618 = 18 days. The entire time span from Dec. 21. 2010 to April 25. 2011 is 125 days. The standard fibonacci fraction of this time interval is 125 days x 0.618 = 77 days, which brings us back to the 'estimate' of the March 11. and the 8,8 Richter earthquake, although the calculations is slightly off, but only by a day or two. The reason for this 'aberration' is the closeness of the Earth to the Sun and annual variation in the length of the sidereal and synodic month.
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