Solar Eclipse, 15 January 2010
by Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. (c) 2010
Annular Solar Eclipse
Enclosed is the Astro*Cartography May for the Annular Eclipse of 15 January 2010. Comments to the chart - on the lower rim of the chart, right hand corner, on the lower meridian of Tokyo, there is a reference to the Sun being on the ascendant. This would appear to be an error, but Saturn is on the lower Midheaven of this region.
Annular Eclipse effects African Cup
The 2010 African Cup of Nations ended in deep crises after the terrorist attack on the team of Toga. Clubs and players were requesting the tournament is called off due to the lack of sufficient security. Neptune on the ascendant of Luanda-hosts spells the story.
The national team of Toga were disqualified from the tournament after failing to meet to their first game against Ghana. The African Football Federation did further decide to penalize the country by barring it from participation in two forthcoming African Cup tournaments.
Trains, Tunnels, Pipes, Secrets & Heavy metals
Prediction made at Skyscript, Date 3. January 2010:
Mercury is stationary on the same day as the solar eclipse of 15 January 2010. He is 5CP33 with Pluto at 3CP49 and Saturn at 4LI39. When calculating the eclipse for Oslo the Ascendant is 4CP40. The Mercury/Pluto line goes straight through the Heart of Britain. I think we should be monitoring the Mercury lines. What are we looking for? Trains, tunnels, pipes, data-virus or documents of irregularity? Mercury/ Pluto could be criminal activities, acts of terror or explosives. I hope Mercury refraining from the Saturn/Pluto square means that plans are revealed and problems abated.

It is always difficult in a chart to see the difference between the doctor and the patient. The configuration, although hazardous, could indicate the addressing of problems of great importance.
Radioactivity and heavy metals
Heavy metals and toxic waste are a signature of Mercury and Pluto. In the Norwegian news, 4. January, radioactive waste came to surface as a result of a Top Secret US Nuclear weapons project in the 50's and 60's.  Source: Aftenposten
Robbers tunnel into vault and get away with 4 million
The Oslo-jewelers called 'Gullborgen' (The Golden Castle) received unexpected visitors late Saturday 13. February. Thieves tunneled into the basement of the store, cutting through 5 steel walls and yet another concrete wall to get away with over 4 million worth of gold and diamonds.  The vault was without alarm and the jeweler was not insured for this sort of theft because it never had been considered a possibility. The thieves took the surveillance camera and photo's of themselves with them as they left. Neighbors say that they heard drilling at about 23.00 hrs CST but didn't respond since they thought it was due to maintenance work.  The police characterize the theft as performed by highly professionals and probably an inside job. At the same time as Mercury/Pluto is a significator of criminal, underground activity and corruption, the on-going square between Saturn and Pluto is also significant for activity in low and dark places, underground and breaking through walls. Source: Aftenposten, VG
Train hazards cluster for the NSB (Norwegian National Rail)
Carriages break loose on two occasions - link to article.
On 24 March, 16 freight wagons broke free from their parking at Alnabru, Oslo, and went pounding down the tracks into Oslo Centrum. The train assembly measured over 400 meters, weighed over 500 ton and reached speeds of 140 km/hr. While it was fortunate they didn't thunder into Oslo Central Station, 3 people were tragically killed and 4 people injured. 9 cars were involved. Wagons ended up in the harbor at Sjursenga demolishing a terminal building and with two wagons landing in the sea. Link to Article..
Then only 6 days later, on Tuesday 30. March, there was another incident, just after 16.00 CST in Hamar, where four carriages broke loose from a passenger train as it came out of the station in Hamar, NTB reports. The train had to stop and back up to fetch and reconnect the missing carriages. No one was injured, yet the credibility of the NSB (Norwegian National Rail) is at stake after a winter with many delays in train services.
Train services halted nationwide as communications fail - link to article.
On March 29. train services were halted for 3 hours as fault in communication systems put train drivers in the blind.

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