Date: April 4. 2011 - (c) Andrew Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol.
The Full Moon of April 18. 2011
Suppression and a Dark ruling over South America. 
Full Moon rise in San Francisco - High tides call a Lunatic event.


Astro*Cartography Chart for Full Moon of April 18. 2011

The Full Moon of April 18. continues to keep the pressure on the Japanese Meridian line. But the frustrating intersection of lines Saturn and Pluto, as found prior to terrorist acts at Moscow Airport and the boil in Egypt, Sudan and Libya, this line is now located close boarders of Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana


South America:


The Full Moon draws attention to Rio. While publicity is a good thing, short cuts do not always pay off and the Moon in the South may cause changes at the top. However, Saturn and Pluto lines in the North close to Georgetown may disclose underground dealings. Frustration and discontent challenges Law and Order. Further South, Beunos Aires may catch the stir.


North America:


Yet in the North it is San Francisco that captures the eye. While Full Moon rising is not a fatal testimony, someone will feel need to escalate and be reaching for the stars. Temperatures are on the climb and the suspension may prick current tensions.  From a seismic point of view, a rise in activity could be due. It has to be taken into account. April 25. to April 27. counts 45-47 days from the gigantic earthquake outside the East coast of Honshu, Japan. Levels of alert should be raised. In comparison, check with the chart for the Lunar eclipse of Dec 21. 2010. Here the Full Moon, although eclipsed, was rising in London. Temperatures rose attracting  masses to the streets in protest. Prince Charles' car was attacked on its way to a Celebrity Variety Show.

The Full Moon continues to focus on shift in areas surrounding Japan. Relocation may be an appropriate keyword. However, a celestial conflict between planets Mars and Saturn may cause squabble further West. The Meridian line that passed over Korea and further South over the Philippines may issue a restrictive order due a conflict of interests. Communications are impeded.