Selected Acheivements;

Andrew J. Bevan, QHP, DMS Astrol. has held an accomplished astrology practice since 1983. From earthquake predictions, to economic crashes, political upheavals and the fall of kings - it is all listed here.

    Andrew J. Bevan
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1983: Started practicing astrology full time.
1984: Set up an office for astrological counselling in the middle of Oslo City.
1985: Discovers a time sequence connecting the historical discoveries of the outer planets. Persuaded conservative authorities to admit astrologers to the Yellow Pages of the Norwegian telephone directory.
1988: Predicted the fourth largest crash in history to Wall Street, Jan.8.1988, and the forthcoming Bull Market. Forecast the Norway's worst Winter Olympic results ever and the Fall of their world record holding speed skater, Geir Karlstad, on his world record event, the 10.000 m.
1989: Discovers a time sequence between significant earthquakes. Predicts the largest earthquake in Norway for 50 yrs, 5.3 Richter, to exact date, Jan 23.1989. Credited for predicting San Francisco earthquake,7.3 Richter, Oct 18.1989.
1990: Addressed the Norwegian Crown Prince, March 23.1990, regarding his father's imminent illness which lead to the Change of Regency. Warned the devestating Earthquake of Iran, 7.6 Richter, on June 20., which killed 47.000 people.
1991: Predicted the coup against Gorbatsjov to endure for 3 days only.
1992: Warned the volcanic eruption of Etna, Sicily , in January 92 . Determined a crash to the Norwegian Stockmarket (-33,5%) from May 29. till end of August.
1994: Predicted change to Norwegian opposition party leadership, that Kullman-Five would withdraw. That Holst would not return to politics. Pin-pointed top of Bull-market to Feb. 2nd. Koss retirement from top speed skating. That Sweden would join the EU, but regret it; that Norway would vote against. Predicted that Gro Harlem Brundtland would not complete her period as Norwegian Prime Minister.
1995: Persuade the national telecom authorities, Telenor, to open a Fortune-telling branch in their directory to attempt to seperate other forms of commercial divination from the Astrology.
1996: Predicts the fall of Prime Minister Torbjørn Jagland. Selects Kjell Magne Bondevik, leader of minor party (6.5%), as next Prime Minister. Predicts ex-PM, Gro Harlem Brundtland to reappear in a position of new prominence in June 98. Takes legal steps against Telenor for defining astrology as entertainment and disallowing a payline under Info & Consultation services.
1997: Weekly program on nationwide radio, Channel P4. Discovers time sequence between historical aviation disasters and correctly predicts Cluster of plane crashes 6-7th August. Predicts new cluster around 11th August 2000 (close Concorde). Bondevik forms Government on smallest parliamentary basis in Norwegian history. Predicts stoop to international finance markets. Credited for astrological advice to explorer Børge Ousland upon his successful expeditions single handed to the North Pole in 93/94 and across the Antarctic in 96/97.
1998: Gro Harlem Brundland's commencement as General Secretary of WHO,confirmed.
1999: Predicts cluster of earthquakes in the wake of the Solar Eclipse 11.Aug. with estimate keydate 28. September. Joins the quakes of Turkey, Athens and Taiwan in a meaningful sequence leading up to this date. Issues warning that Italy may lie in potential danger zone. Coincided with the largest Etna eruption for decades.
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