Posted; March 11. 2011, Last updated: March 18.
Breakdown on Earthquakes: New Moon Feb. 23. 2011, Lunar Eclipse Dec. 21. 2010
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8,8 Richer Earthquake hits Japan on East coast of Honshu.

An Earthquake measuring 8,8 on the Richter scale rocked the East coast of Japan in the early hours of Friday 11. March 2011. The earthquake is ranked as one of the 5 largest earthquakes to be measured in history and sent tsunami-wave to areas as far away as Hawaii. Here is the technical data from the USGS:

Geographic coordinates: 38.322N, 142.369E
Magnitude: 8.8 M Depth: 24 km
Universal Time (UTC): 11 Mar 2011 05:46:23
Time near the Epicenter: 11 Mar 2011 14:46:23
This monster of an earthquake occurs less than 2 days ahead of the planet Uranus entering the sign of Aries on March 12. 2011. On a general level there lies an expectancy of 'many changes in the World' as the planet Uranus passes this primal point of the Zodiac, the Vernal equinox. As Uranus makes its ingress to Aries at 01.33 GMT on March 12. the Moon will be located at 1015' of Gemini. What happens on March 11. at 05.32 GMT is that the Moon enters Gemini and is leading up to Uranus' Aries ingress. The Moon changing sign shows something shifting from one place to another. In Honshu, Japan, the waxing Moon was elevated in the South in the Sky. It had just past the cluster of fixed stars called the Pleiades, which indicate a release of bottled up tensions 
Uranus ingress
The planet Uranus spends 84 years to perform an orbit round the Sun, so its ingress to Aries is not an every day happening. Even so, when it comes to geological events of such a historical magnitude there has to be an occurrence of several triggering factors at the same time. The scope of such work lies beyond the boundaries of material presented here. Yet, in examination of the Uranus cycle, when it entered the sign of Capricorn on December 2. 1988, only a few days afterwards on Dec. 7. 1988, Armenia was hit by a 6,9 Richter scale sized earthquake that can be shown produced a trail of significant earthquakes all around the World at various intervals of 45 days: 

Norway 5,3 Richter on Jan. 23. 1989 (1x45days) , San Francisco 7,3 Richter on Oct. 17 1989 (7x45days), Romania 7,0 Richer on May 30. 1990 & Peru 6,3 Richter on May 31.1990 (12x45days), Philippines 7,3 Richter on July 15. 1990 (13x45days).

In addition the 7,6 Richter earthquake hitting Iran on June 20. 1990  that cost the lives of 47.000 people was warned by telefax to the earthquake institute NORSAR two days ahead of the event.

Uranus ingress into Aries, March 12. 2011
When observing the Uranus ingress to Aries, the chart being cast for the epicenter of the 8,8R earthquake East of Honshu, it is easier to appreciate the Moon's entry into Gemini on March 10. as one of the issues that sets off the action. However, the planet Neptune that is culminating in the South, and who also is on the verge of changing signs, is a candidate who would be highly associated with tsunami events. In the above chart, Uranus casts an inconjunct aspect 150 to the IC, or lower Midheaven of the chart.
Uranus ingress to Capricorn, Dec 2. 1988
Comparing with the chart cast for Uranus' entry into Capricorn on December 2. 1988 and setting the site for Leninakan, that was to be hit by a 6,9 Richter earthquake only 5 days later [ -Note how the Moon needs 5 to reach Libra, the sign that represents Armenia - ] then it is significant that the Earth sign Virgo, movable earth, is on the lower Midheaven in both maps. The Moon is also in a movable sign.
Tsunami earthquake hitting Sumatra in Dec 2004 was warned
Astro*Cartography Chart for the Solar Eclipse Nov 24.2003
The Uranus' effect was also demonstrated in the prediction of the tsunami earthquake that hit Sumatra on Dec 26. 2004. Uranus on the Lower Midheaven of Sumatra during the Solar Eclipse on Nov 24. 2003 was the lead-up to the event, and a prediction I made on 'Radio P4' on Dec 3. 2003 was a warning that something was on the build. At first sight it seems like a long interval from November 2003 and forward to Dec 26. 2004, but the mathematics works like this: 12 lunar months later (sidereal revolutions of the Moon) the planet Uranus made a station on Nov 11. 2004. This lunar year links the two astronomical events/happenings. 45 days after the station of Uranus brings us to Dec 26. 2004. This is the date of one of the most devastating natural catastrophes in history.

A prediction had been released at Hegnar Online on Nov 7. 2004 prior to the station of Uranus on Nov 11. that carried the same qualitative notions as the forecast for the Solar eclipse, Nov 2004: "A natural catastrophe was on the horizon. Danger for Norwegians abroad. Earthquake, wave or avalanche." The prediction was not far off mark.

8,8 Richter Earthquake hits Coast of Chile on Feb 27. 2010
Now when studying these particular earthquakes it is important to take a look at the chart for the 8,8 Richter earthquake that hit the coast of Chile on Feb 27. 2010. This earthquake did, by the way, occur 45 days after the 7,0 Richter earthquake that hit Haiti on Jan 12. 2010.

The important detail here is to note the location of the Moon at 1825' Leo. This first this is that his earthquake, like the earthquake occurring outside the coast of Japan on March 11. 2011, is reckoned as a Monster or King among Earthquakes. The Moon is located in a trine to the exaltation degree of the Sun, which is at 1856' Aries. This exaltation of the Sun is cast from Leo to Aries by trine, but also based upon 1856' being the square root of the 360 circle.

The Moon's position at 1825' Leo in the Chilean 8,8 R-earthquake agrees with the ascending degree in the chart for the 8,8 R-earthquake occurring in Japan on March 11. 2011, which was located at 1748 Leo.

Let's take a further look at this detail; the significance of these specific degrees in Leo and the movement of the Moon. On basis of my experience and observations with planetary motions and seismic occurrences, on the same date as main event occurred in Chile, namely Feb 27., I predicted that the most significant afterquakes from this earthquake were most likely to manifest on March 5. 2011 at approximately 10-11 GMT. This prediction was based upon a 90 motion of the Moon along the ecliptic to the 19th degree of tropical Scorpio, ie. close to 1825.
The data provided by the UGS was as follows:
Geographic coordinates: 36.709S, 73.444W
Magnitude: 6.3 M  Depth: 35 km
Universal Time (UTC): 5 Mar 2010 09:19:36
Time near the Epicenter: 5 Mar 2010 06:19:36
Geographic coordinates: 36.513S, 73.116W
Magnitude: 6.6 Mw  Depth: 35 km
Universal Time (UTC): 5 Mar 2010 11:47:10
Time near the Epicenter: 5 Mar 2010 08:47:10
The truth is that the Chilean coast was peppered with afterquakes after the main event on Feb 27. but the two largest and most significant afterquakes occurred within 50 minutes of the specified time window. During this interval the Moon moved from 1747'-1908' Scorpio.
As also published on Feb. 27. the next most likely date for a major earthquake, following model of a 45 day progression, leads up to April 13. 2010. This occurs with the most powerful eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajoekull on Iceland and a devastating 6,9 Richter Earthquake occurred in China. The Eyjafjallajoekull had first indicated its potential to hazard as it came to life on March 20. 2011, but when the major eruption occurred on April 14., it closed air-traffic all over Europe. The potential of this volcanic eruption had been outlined at Skyscript on Oct 8. 2008, almost 1,5 years in advance. The Earthquake in China we will look at in greater detail, because in fact there were two:
6,9 Richter Earthquake hits China on April 14. 2010
The UGS reported that a 6,9 Richter-earthquake shook China at 23.49 GMT on April 13. 2010, or 07.49 local time on April 14. Yet, there was a second Earthquake measuring 5,8 Richter at 01.25 GMT or 09.25 local time on April 14. 2010. 

The 1st quake that measured 6,9 Richter had a depth of 42 km below the earths surface. It is possible that the 2nd earthquake at a depth of merely 10 km was more devastating than the 1st. I therefore think it worth considering on whether it is the 1st or 2nd earthquake that is the main event. For reasons that may become obvious, it is the chart belonging to the second event I want to draw attention to.

2nd Earthquake in China
In the 8,8 R Chilean Earthquake of Feb 27. 2010 the Moon was located at 1825' Leo. In the 8,8 R Earthquake of Japan, March 11. 2011, the ascendant was 1748' Leo. In the chart of this 2nd Earthquake in China the Lower Midheaven of the chart is 1739' Leo.

In the powerful afterquake in Chile on March 5. 2010 we have shown how the position of the Moon moved from 1747'-1908' Scorpio. When the 1st 6,9 Richer earthquake hit China the position of the Moon was 1747' Aries. Then when the 2nd Earthquake occurred the Moon was 1837 Aries. This is close to the exaltation degree of the Sun, or the exact square root of the tropical zodiac that is located at 1856' Aries and that we have defined as important in terms of the sensitive degrees close 18 Leo.

Astro*Cartography Chart for the Lunar Eclipse Dec 21. 2010
As the Tsunami-earthquake hitting Sumatra on Dec 26. 2004 was indicated by a preceding eclipse, take a look at the Lunar eclipse of Dec 21. 2010 and the location of Jupiter and Uranus on the Upper Meridian of the East coast of Japan.
A close up on the region:
The potential for a major earthquake being provoked by this occurrence was mention in conjunction with an analysis of the current events going on in the Korean peninsula at the time. In fact, a 7,4 Richter scale Earthquake occurred on the exact line of Uranus, to the very minute of arc, within 12 hours of the occurrence of the Lunar eclipse.
A conventional chart show Uranus located on this Meridian:
A conventional chart of the same lunar eclipse of Dec 21. 2010
- calculated for the coordinates of the Earthquake March 11. 2011
The chart shows that the 8,8 Richter Earthquake hitting Japan on March 11. 2011 occurred under the very line of Jupiter from the preceding Lunar eclipse of Dec 21. 2010. 
To the exact minute - it's a perfect match!