* Election 2005*
Aslaug Haga
Carl I. Hagen
The Mosaic of Norwegian Politics
Norwegian politics follows a combat of opposite signs:
Aries opposes Libra
(Labour) Gro Harlem Brundtland - Kaare Willoch (Conservatives)
The tough-nut politics of the 80's
Pisces opposes Virgo
(Labour) Jens Stoltenberg - Kjell Magne Bondevik (Christian Democrates)
The soft and floppy politics of the late 90's
Pisces squares Gemini
(Labour) Jens Stoltenberg - Erna Solberg (H) / Siv Jensen (Frp)
Doublebodied signs give Coalition-tango
* Election 2009*
Lars Sponheim
Siv Jensen


- Notice -
Andrew J. Bevan performs projections on Norwegian politics.
He predicted the resign of Brundtland 1996, the fall of Jagland, the office
of Bondevik 1997, the fall of Stoltenberg and return of Bondevik in 2001.
In the chart of Haga 2003 he pin-pointed the coalition between SP, SV & AP.
In 2009 Sponheim's chart, V, takes everyone by surprise.