The Age Point System

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You have just reached what you might find to be one of the most efficient, yet overlooked techniques of astrological prediction. Whether the Age Point is a forgotten technique of Antiquity or a well-kept secret is hard to say. As you get into the text, my English will occasionally be coloured by my 30 years+ as a Norwegian residential. But if you can put up with that I will do my best to put you at depth with my thoughts on the astrological philosophy, together with some of those keys that allowed me to make accurate predictions AT A GLANCE!

The following articles present a method of directing the Ascendant of a nativity in a Clockwise manner at the rate of 6 degrees per year and which offers a complete and instant technique to perform a perfect reading and accurate predictions from the birth chart. It will take some time before all my articles on this subject appear on the web in full, so please be patient. If there is something you are missing, send me an email - the article or entry could already be on its way!! 

In my experience the Age Point is more efficient and accurate in prediction than transits. Transits may pass by - but with the Age Point things happen! The Age Point makes accurate prediction possible and provides the tool for tying it all together. It is your ultimate approach to astrology, to understand the quest of the nativity and to explore how the psychological structure by demonstration is spread out and unravelled through our journey of time and space.

Part One
The Philosophy of the Birth Chart
Personal Growth and the Age Point
Part Two
The Technique, Fragments of Antiquity, Age Point Cycles
Aspects, The Age Point Through the Signs
Cuspal transitions, Some particular observations
Part Three
The Dispositor of the Age Point
Fortune or Infortune, Its Astrological State
Part Four
The Dispositor of the Age Point located by House
and its Influence on Affairs
Part Five
The Age Point directed to the Planets
Their Figures and Effects
Part Six
The Age Point  directed to the  Rulers of the Houses
The Accidental Meanings of the Planets
Part Seven
Transits to the Age Point; Eclipses and Lunations
Part Eight
Solar and Lunar Returns
Working with periods of a limited Timeframe
Part Nine
Example charts: John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, George Bush
Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, King Harald V
Gro Harlem Brundtland, Kjell Magne Bondevik and more...

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